Tech Mogul Arthur Becker to Develop Huge Property in Tribeca

If you are going to spend any time reading on the Real Deal website about the real estate investment world in New York then you had better get used to the name Arthur Becker. Arthur Becker is one of the biggest investors in New York as he has put his money where his mouth is, investing guys like Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney. Now Becker is stepping up and out from behind the investments of other people. Becker took aim at his property on 465 Washington in Tribeca in order to start creating his first big solo project.

Becker is a tech mogul who has moved with great success right into the real estate world. He’s played a huge part in city development in New York, pouring in over $500 million throughout his career in the city. Now he’s going to go ahead and take a shot at putting his name on the outside of the building with an eight unit boutique in Tribeca. Becker initially purchased the building for $6 million from an architect by the name of Peter Moore. Moore had lost the building and was looking at potential foreclosure when Becker showed up and took the property off of his hands.

According to, it looks like Becker has huge plans for the property at 465 Washington as he has made sure to purchase the surrounding buildings. Becker plans to expand the building from five stories all the way to 10 stories and his goal is to end up with an 8 unit building for high income condos. The interior of the building will be designed by Paris Forino and it will have flares of ‘artisanal’ design trends. Becker points to the property as a ‘primer purchase’ but it looks like he is finally ready to really dive into the fray for himself, making a name as his own developer rather than just an investor.

Keeping an eye on Arthur Becker ( in the New York real estate development world is probably a good idea. Becker has a long history of success in several huge industries. His property on 465 Washington looks to be just the latest feather in his cap.

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EOS redefining the lip balm industry

EOS has cemented themselves as one of the leading manufacturers of lip balm. This development of their business did not take a prolonged period of time and EOS was able to quickly establish themselves in the market as one of the loved makers of lip balm. How they did so was part of a recent article in Fast Company detailing the brand.

EOS was structured to take advantage of a lack of customer satisfaction in the industry for buyers of lip balm. Customers thought that the lip balms that they bought were of poor quality and were not provide them with the needed protection that their lips needed. Most lip balms were sourced with petroleum jelly which, while effective, did not provide the lasting benefits that many more natural lip balms did. further, they tasted fake and not at all like the flavors they were designed to mimic.

EOS lip balm used all natural ingredients that were sourced organically in their lip balms. Natural oils and fats like shea butter featured prominently in their formulas and provided the high quality protection that people were searching for in their lip balms. EOS added natural flavors to their balms and created positive flavored combinations that customers enjoyed applying and trying. Examples include blueberry acai and vanilla mint. While EOS was designed for the tastes of women, who made up the major segment of lip balm buyers from both Target and Costco, the containers and flavors were not overly feminine and ma male shoppers were also able to enjoy the superior quality lip balms made by EOS.

EOS ( used this strategy of developing premium lip balms and marketing them effectively to customers in order to develop a significant market presence. They now have the loyalty of many different buyers of lip balm and have been widely emulated by their competition. EOS built their company the right way, by listening to their customers and creating a product that fit their needs and tastes.

MB2 Dental: A Place Where Patient Comes First

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is an active practitioner with a dream of promoting the corporate dentistry and sole-practitioner sides of dental industry. And to achieve this dream he founded MB2 Dental. He started his company to furnish vital support without negotiating on the integrity for his beloved profession. Recognizing that dental doctors required specialized assistance that did not come with strings attached, Chris founded MB2 Dental. Since then, this firm has supported doctors at no less than seventy locations that are affiliated with MB2 Dental across six states and has 533 employees. The close leadership of MB2 looks forward to the ongoing trend of excellence.


Management networks of typical dental practice are like conventional dental practices: Dr. Chris created MB2 Dental so as bring something that is completely new in the field focusing on other than profit margins. He built this company to be a dentist-owned firm that is focused on support, personal growth, and autonomy and having fun together. MB2 Dental assists practices make improvements which value patients who patronize them. Such innovations encourage improved operating standards which lead to happier practitioners and that facilitate the growth of the healthy organic business.


MB2 Dental Solutions provides knowledge, guidance, and personalized systems and offering services to seventy independently operated and owned dental offices in New Mexico, Alaska, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. The vision of MB2 Dental is to build a community where dental doctors can focus on what they best do in their respective field: giving exceptional dental care to patients so patients can feel that they are investing money on right medical center and their health is in right hands. At MB2 Dental they believe that helping clients with a business aspect lets them focus their time and energy on meeting the needs of every patient individually.


When Villanueva graduated from dental school, he has only two options for dentists such as either join a group practice such as shared best practices, economies of scale, CE availability, state of the art technology, etc.). Or he can begin a private practice such as less bureaucracy, complete clinical autonomy, ownership, etc. He is a social person, and because of that he always speaks with anyone to know about the idea that he can use for his business. He once said that he is excited about the role that modern technology is playing, and crucially, the role it’ll play in the dental industry.


Brad Reifler – An Undisputed Champion in the Financial World

The list of America’s great entrepreneurs in the financial industry cannot be complete without reference to Brad Reifler. As the title of this article indicates, he is an undisputed champion in the world of mega finances. Presently, his name is synonymous with ForeFront Capital, a giant financial and capital investment company and a reputable firm of undisputed high-flying capital management where he is both the founder and CEO.

Brad Reifler has many feathers to his cap in the complex web of the world’s financial service industry. Before captaining ForeFront Capital, he has previously held various enviable positions in other equally reputable giants in this industry.

For instance, Brad Reifler was a trader of astounding performance and reputation at REFCO before moving up the ladder to serve as the CEO, chairman and founding partner of Pali Capital where he steadily and successfully held the helms for over 13 years from 1995 through to 2008.

According to Crunchbase, the springboard that shot Brad Reifler to great heights of financial capital management was Reifler Trading Company, a corporation that executed and engaged in global derivatives.

This was way back in 1992, a period during which the financial firm grew in leaps and bounds to raise revenue of over $200 million in profits from branches scattered globally from the US to Europe and down to Australia. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Since then, the sky has been the limits for this investment finance guru and armed with his serial entrepreneurial skills, he presently nurtures and creates solid asset management personnel for capital institutions specializing in investment management. He also provides high-quality investment consultancy services besides being a skilled manager for hedge funds.

Bloomberg revealed that to many start-up capital investment companies, Brad Reifler is a household name because he provides invaluable advice for the recruitment of human resource and marketing personnel.

His role as a capital investment career advisor is inviolate. His other financial attributes include: A directorship at Sino Mercury Company and Wins Finance Holdings amongst others.

Why Advisors Shy Away From Social Security Talks

It is essential that financial advisers speak to their clients about social security especially since it covers about 40% of their retirement income. This implies that it is very difficult to plan for their retirement income without tackling the topic. However, that is not the case with most financial advisers today as the Wall street journal wealth adviser column suggests. David Giertz an adviser working with Nationwide Financial Distributors is under the impression that the social security handbook entails lots of rules that advisers ought to be conversant with but since they do not know how to navigate these rules they avoid the topic. In order to maximize on retirement income people need the help of the financial advisers who ought to have an understanding of the social security rules.



David Giertz works as the senior vice president of the Nationwide Life insurance company’s financial distribution and sales. He began his job in 2013. Aside from his current job, he has worked in other leadership positions of the firm since he joined the firm. Before joining Nationwide Life Insurance Company, he worked with companies such as Citicorp Investment Services, Financial Horizons Securities Corporation, Mony Securities Corp and The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York.



His first job in the finance industry was in 1988 at the Skokie Federal Savings. It has been years switching from one company to the other but he has gained years of experience that have helped him in his brokerage activities. He is also a certified broker by the FINRA and can work with any firm that takes part in the purchasing and sales business of the bonds, stocks, mutual funds and any other investment-related products. For instance Nationwide through National wide Investment Service Corporation takes part in broker deal pertaining the purchase and sales of life insurance and annuities.

Lime Crime’s New Bold Release

It is nine years since the launch of lime crime. The company says that it serves those who dare to dream of new looks, new colors and new a make-up world. Lime crime bold releases have always stunned the make-up world from lipsticks to facial makeovers.


According to the founder and CEO of the company, they pride in their colorful creations. In her world, she feels that no one should feel apologetic when he or she dares to dream.


The ‘Unicorn’ brand is gaining pace in the market fast. In the new categories, Doe Deere hopes to continue the company’s remarkable blueprint of thinking new. In the new categories, they will introduce two super products.


Diamond Crushers Top


As an alternative or an addition to other lip products, the crushers are uniquely engineered to go with any occasion. First, they are Water based lip and can be added on top of lipstick or applied alone.


This product is friendly to your lips and prevents your lips from excessive exposure to agents that can make them crack. Lime Crime goes an extra mile to introduce other unique products to supplement the Unicorn looks.


Available colors include rose gold (Cleopatra), holographic shade (Acid Fairy) and bright shade (Black Unicorn). These colors are unique to the company. You will not find these colors anywhere else making you unique, bold, and classy.


You can order the product online via their website at only $19.


Unicorn hair dyes


The release date is yet, but the social media world is already abuzz about it. The new release features 11 new unconventional hair dye colors christened Unicorns. You can never run short of color varieties.


The Colors include Pony, Bunny, Gargoyle, Dirty Mermaid, Salad, Sext, Chocolate Cherry, Strawberry Jam, Leeloo, Jello, and Neon Peach. These are unique colors created specifically outside the normal realm of hair dye.


You can order the product online via lime crime website at only $16.


If you are looking to spruce up yourself, Lime Crime never disappoints. The brand is very popular in mainstream popular art and entertainment. Be that unapologetic makeup queen or king that you ever wanted.