The Evolution of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a big force in the Engineering world but his talents do not stop there. Bonar has worked with incredible companies throughout his career before using the entrepreneur inside of him and branching out on his own. The first company Bonar, worked for was IBM, were he was a manager who outsourced motherboards.

After being with IBM, Brian Bonar join QMS as a Director of Engineering where he managed over 100 engineers for about 4 years. Him and his team were involved in the software and hardware development of that company. In his next job as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Rastek Corporation, Bonar crossed into a different industry.

The Rastek Corporation dealt with printing technology and provided it to people all over the world. After being involved with printer technology, he went to Adaptec as a Sales Manager. In this position, Brian Bonar had to interact with a lot of major printer manufactures in Korea and Japan. A year after joining Adaptec, Brian Bonar left working for others behind and start Bezier Systems in 1994 where he held the position of founder and chairman.

Bonar was the first to produce and sell a SCSI based printer. Brian Bonar eventually went back to work at ITEC as Vice President of Sales and Marketing where he found himself involve with Korea and Japan again. He stayed with ITEC for 4 years and then wanted to change his career to something new. So, he went to Allegiant as President and assisted the company with growth in sales and marketing. Bonar also founded and managed his Sa Diego based company AMS

Outsourcing and he also held the position of Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Service where Bonar focused on improving their management strategy and increasing their direct sales. To top everything off, Bonar is also the Chairman and CEO of Trucept, a company that insurances products and temporary staff for companies.

Brian Bonar is also The Chief Executive Officer of Imaging Technologies Corporation where they develop color management software and digital imaging hardware. Bonar latest partnership, comes with his acquisition of Source One Group which is a company that helps other companies with payroll and human resources.

Throughout all the history Brian Bonar has made, he only wanted to help his client, co-workers and partners reached their ultimate goals. Due to his career, Bonar has gained experience in many industries like multifamily housing and retail commercial. He holds over three decades of experience in the field of management.

He has been involved in numerous programs like employee benefits and risk management insurance. Due to his hard work, Bonar won the prestige’s The Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year in the Finance division.

Raising Capital For Capital Group

When it comes to investing, beginning investors need guidance. This remains attributed to the uncertainty involved with investing. Moreover, experienced investors understand this concept. They understand that investing does not guarantee return investment. Investing requires investors to think outside of the box. Moreover, investing does not require an educational attainment. However, it does require the ability to utilize intuition. In addition, a few investors have managed to slither into prosperity. As risky as investing may seem, it serves as an excellent tool to build wealth. This remains true when an investor knows how to invest. With that being said, Warren Buffett and Timothy Armour remain among the world’s greatest investors.

For years, they have wowed the investment community with their infinite wisdom pertaining to investing. Moreover, both of them have amassed an insurmountable amount of wealth. To begin, Warren Buffet remains a legendary figure. For several decades, Warren Buffett has reigned supreme in the investment industry. At an early age, Warren Buffet knew that he remained destined for investing. With that being said, Warren Buffet possesses an impeccable investment strategy. Since he began, Buffet has utilized the same investment strategy. Moreover, Buffet’s investment strategy consisted of buying stocks long-term. Recently, Buffett challenged a group of hedge fund managers. Moreover, Buffet agreed to donate $1 million to charity if he did not achieve a better return on his investment than they did.

Fortunately, Warren Buffett remains victorious. In parallel, Timothy Armour remains an equally respected investor. For those unaware, Timothy Armour worked his way into the upper echelons of investing. This remains attributed to his profound work ethic and desire to succeed investment. For over 32 years, Timothy Armour dedicated his life to the betterment of Capital Group. Moreover, his hard work did not go unnoticed. As a result,

Timothy Armour currently serves as the company’s chairman. In addition, Timothy Armour serves as a role model to his colleagues. With that being said, Timothy Armour hails from an educational background. While at Middlebury College, Timothy Armour obtained a bachelor’s degree. In closing, Timothy Armour continues to wow his staff.

Omar Yunes Earns Recognition as Top Franchisee Globally

The franchisee of Sushi Itto, Mr. Omar Yunes won big at the Best Franchisee of World contest. The contest took place in Florence on 5th December 2015. He became the franchisee of the food chain while he was just 21. Today, he owns 13 franchised units in Veracruz, Puebla, and Mexico City. This is about 10% of all the units under this brand.

What He Had to Say About It

Omar said that he felt very proud to receive the award. However, he also took the opportunity to note that the prize belonged to all 400 employees of the 13 units he manages.

About this Award Ceremony

Omar won the award at the 2015 edition of this awards ceremony. At the event, there were representatives from 34 countries. He received the award after an evaluation of his effect on the network rather than the brand.
According to the organizer of BFW Mexico, the award speaks of the growing strength of the Mexican franchises internationally. He said that it represented the departure of Mexican franchises from being just regionally competitive.
The second place went to Mr. Tamer. He received the award thanks to his efforts to implement and provide tools to achieve a marketing system that is responsible for the management of a pawnshop network. The jury that gave the final verdict was composed of professionals from the Mexican Association of Franchises, entrepreneurs in the sector, and the Universidad Anáhuac.

About Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is the famous franchisee of Sushi Itto. He recently won the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) award that was held on December 5, 2015. The ceremony was held in Florence, Italy. It was recognition of his contribution to the brand he represents. Omar became a franchisee of Sushi Itto while he was still 21. Today, his empire has grown to 13 units.
Omar has enjoyed major success in the food industry of Mexico. Today, he has been able to create 400 jobs for workers in all the 13 units that he runs. To be successful, he knows that he needs the contributions of his employees. Thus, he always ensures they are motivated.

Anthony Petrello’s Road from Law to Business

Anthony Petrello has come along way since his time as a child of working-class parents in New Jersey. According to his total compensation for the year 2016 was over 15 million dollars. He received $1,575,000 as a salary and another $1,493,000 as a bonus. He made the rest of his compensation in stock options and more information click here.

Anthony G petrello made his way from New Jersey to Yale University and then Harvard Law School. At Yale University he majored in mathematics and at one point it was believed he would become a mathematical prodigy. Instead he turned his sights to getting a law degree. He received his Juris Doctorate from Harvard Law School.

While Anthony Petrello did start out in the world of law, working with a law firm called Baker & McKenzie he quickly moved on to the corporate world. He took the stepping stone from Baker & McKenzie Law Firm to Nabors Industries, a huge drilling corporation. With his intelligence and obvious business acumen he has helped keep the company dynamic and very prosperous.

Anthony Petrello was elected as a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Board for Nabors Industries in 1991. He served as the COO and President of the company from 1991 to 2011. He has been the Deputy Chairman since 2003 and the CEO and President since 2011. He has been a very active part of the corporation at Nabors Industries since he came on board and his Twitter.

Anthony Petrello’s various positions at Nabors Industries has helped him to keep on track of his main goal in the company which is to enable it to become a dynamic force in the corporate world. He helps to develop the strategic concepts that are needed to help the company thrive and become more dynamic and learn more about Anthony.

However, Anthony Petrello is not all about business. He is a big contributor to the Texas Children’s Hospital in the hopes to advance research for neurological disorders for children. He and his wife have first-hand experience with this as they have a child that has a neurological disorder. Anthony Petrello has been doing everything that he can to try to help other children that have neurological disorders. He believes that successful research and clinical trials could help for a brighter future for these children.

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Hussain Sajwani and his Business Achievements at DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani is a UAE national and also the founder as well as the Chairman of DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani family business. He graduated from University of Washington and commenced his career at GASCO as a Contracts Manager and established a business of his own in 1982.

In the mid-1990s, Hussain Sajwani constructed hotels to accommodate people entering the emirate for business purposes. In 2002, he founded DAMAC Properties which is the leading property development company throughout the Middle East.

Properties and businesses that Sajwani and his companies have worked with

Sajwani and his various companies have worked with various properties and businesses. These properties include commercial, leisure, and residential investments. They have also undertaken real estate development. DICO Investments Co LLC, which is a flagship investment company is concerned with investments in mergers and acquisitions and private equities and also holds the majority and minority holdings in the publically traded companies.

Sajwani’s Relationship with Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani are business partners. Their first business deal was in 2013 when the two teamed up to build two Trump-branded golf courses.

The first one, Trump International Golf Course Dubai, was opened in February 2017 at a ceremony held at Damac’s Akoya residential development. The Trump World Golf Course is the other development which was designed by Tiger Woods and would ready by the end of 2018.

DAMAC group description

DAMAC Properties was established by Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani in 2002 and currently has its headquarters in Dubai. This company has its hands in the development of leisure, commercial and residential properties as well as real estate projects in the Middle East. Read more: Hussain Sajwani Family | Celeb Family

The company is now one of the best luxury property developers have done more than 16,800 homes and owning a development portfolio of more than 44,000 units which are at various stages of development and planning.

Philanthropy work by Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC

Hussain has in the recent past stepped up his philanthropic efforts in an attempt to make the world great. In 2013, the DAMAC owner donated two million AED to help in the purchase of clothing to one million children globally. He is steadfast in helping the UAE government to assist the less fortunate members of the society. In 2015 DAMAC Properties contributed one million AED towards the #UAECompassion campaign which works to support refugees in Lebanon and Jordan

Todd Lubar’s Accomplishments in the Real Estate Sector

The real estate industry has been developing tremendously in the 21st century, and it has attracted many companies and individuals. Business people in different parts of the globe have decided to venture into the sector due to the significant profits that it offers. Todd Lubar is one of the United States’ most successful real estate investors. He has always been passionate about succeeding in the field. Lubar has established strong relationships with many professionals who have significantly improved his skill and also enabled him to access more opportunities. He is well connected with experts such as CPAs, real estate agents, insurance agents, and financial planners.

Todd is an alumnus of the Syracuse University. During his career, he has worked for various financial institutions. Todd served Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan litigator, and this enabled him to learn more about mortgage banking. His career success has been facilitated by the knowledge that he acquired from the finance company. Lubar was also an employee of Legacy Financial Group, which is headquartered in Texas. He managed to improve the loan volume of the firm’s Maryland branch to more than $100 million. Charter Funding hired him to serve as its senior vice president.

Lubar has been diverse in his business ventures. Between 2007 and 2008, the mortgage industry was undergoing rapid changes that made him participate in other sectors. He invested in fields such as commercial demolition, metal recycling, nightclubs, and real estate development. Lubar was still passionate about his career in the mortgage banking sector.

Todd Lubar has managed to make significant accomplishments in his real estate career. He is the founder and president of TDL Global Ventures. Lubar has been using his outstanding skills in the finance and credit industries to enable people across the United States to own homes easily. He has led his company in establishing different products and programs that allow potential homeowners to accomplish their dreams by eliminating the frequent glitches that they face. Todd understands the challenges that people face when trying to get mortgage loans. According to him, offering accessible real estate solutions is an excellent way of supporting communities since he has made significant accomplishments.

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The Srufy of Kabbalah Dates Back to B.C. While Kabbalah Centres are 20th Century

Kabbalah is ancient wisdom that has been passed down from Adam to Abraham. It became part of Judaism with Moses and his great journey to the Promised Land, which is now called Israel. Kabbalah is not a religion but evolved as a spiritual wisdom from God.

This ancient wisdom has been veiled throughout civilization as the study of Kabbalah was believed to be only available for a young married Jewish man between the ages of 30 and 40. This eligibility has been the pattern for centuries as it was passed down from generation to generation.

It wasn’t until 1922 that Kabbalah took a modern turn as RavAshlag was inspired to start the first Kabbalah Centre in the homeland of Israel in 1922. Translating ancient documents and providing instruction for students was his primary work. When he died, leadership was passed to his student who in turn instructedRav and Karen Berg. For over a decade, the Bergs studied in Israel at the only Kabbalah Centre. Then, they brought the Kabbalah teachings back to the U.S. and in 2008 opened the first Kabbalah Centre in NYC. Within eight years, five Centers had opened in America and 40 cities worldwide have a Centre today.

So, Kabbalah Centres have only been in existence for less than a century, and until this modernization of RavAshlag, Kabbalah was an ancient wisdom that was only passed down to a very elite people and more information click here.

Kabbalah was practiced much the same way the Jews practiced their worshiping, feasts, Torah study and other Jewish traditions. Reaching a consciousness that connected the student to God was the only goal. Many documents have been written on this consciousness and the attainment of it, and Kabbalah Centres now hold the translations of these documents in many languages.

The largest Kabbalah Centre today is Kabbalah University, which streams daily on the Internet from the Centre in Los Angeles. Overseen by Karen Berg and her son Michael, they hold classes, extended courses, meditations, and news for all the Kabbalah Centre globally. Kabbalah Centres and the Kabbalah University are now excellent ways for the public to attain this wisdom and its Website.

How Fabletics Beats Amazon at its Own Game

When Kate Hudson started Fabletics in 2013 she and her partners were well aware of the challenges that a new apparel brand would face in the recent environment. In addition to a customer base that has a multitude of options, the apparel industry itself is facing close to industry-ending challenges that many are succumbing to. The subscription service that the brand utilizes to keep customers satisfied with new and exciting product pieces, the company relies upon data analysis to really give it a competitive advantage.


The company compiles and analyzes a lot of data from its customer base, and in a move that helps it stand out from the pack, it uses this information to refine the buying experience as well as the product offerings. The company prefers to remain nimble and engaged with its subscribers in a way that is atypical for this market segment. In fact, the brand even offers an online quiz for its customers to determine which products best suit their tastes and lifestyles.


Fabletics tracks social media reaction to product roll-outs and follows the overall sentiment of the brand quite closely. Through social media, the brand is able to gain a lot of relevant information that allows it to take on established purveyors such as Amazon. The online giant has captured a very significant part of retail sales and has forced out many apparel companies. In order to compete in this environment, Fabletics has stayed with what works while making continuous refinements based on the real-time feedback that it receives from its customer base.


By positioning the brand as an aspirational product Fabletics has been able to grow a cohesive and robust community around its brand. In order to differentiate itself from strictly online products, the brand hosts many in-person local events at which it is able to glean even more information about its customers. The pipeline calls for further bricks and mortar locations in addition to the nearly 20 it now has. The brand also intends to continue its use of temporary pop-up concept stores in order to both reach out to its online subscribers and also attract new members.


This hybrid model has made Fabletics a real contender in a market segment that has been all but locked up by Amazon. The business model has proven quite strong and it is expected that Fabletics will continue with strong growth well into the future.