Fortress Investment Group Principal Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a longtime finance professional who has spent the last two decades as an executive. During his career, he has been a leading executive of two major investment firms that are among the best in the entire financial services industry. As a member of these firms, he has been able to provide valuable leadership and expertise. Peter has experience with managing investment professionals as well as managing credit backed securities. Briger is also very active in his community as he has participated in a number of charitable activities. He has recently been listed on the Forbes Billionaires list as well.

Prior to beginning his career in finance, Peter Briger completed his post secondary education. Peter went to Princeton University to complete his undergraduate program. With this degree he would then go on to attend business school at the University of Pennsylvania. Peter would complete a master of business administration degree from the Wharton School of Business. This educational background would help Briger get involved in the investment banking field.

After completing his education, Peter Briger would accept a position at Goldman Sachs. When he began his stint at Goldman Sachs, he helped the firm establish a presence in the Asian markets. Briger joined a number of committees that specialize in the Asian region. As a result, he was able to assist the firm in expanding its operations and client base in Asia. For his efforts, Peter would be awarded a top level position at the firm. For the remaining six years at Goldman Sachs, Peter would provide assistance with establishing the overall business direction of the firm.

In 2002, Peter Briger joined the new investment firm Fortress Investment Group. This was a relatively young firm that had lots of potential. Peter was assigned to manage the investment professionals that were in charge of private equity securities. As well as being a supervisor of these professionals, Peter would also become a member of the firm’s management committee. Today, Peter is the current co chief executive officer and principal of the firm. These positions allow Peter to provide general leadership for the firm.

Goldstein Helps Fountain House

The group known as The Fountain House recently hosted a major event. The group hosted their annual Fall Fête. This is a unique event that is focused on educating young professionals about the services and model that the groups has toward mental health issues. They are also focused on changing the negative stereotypes commonly associated with mental illness. The event was lead by a host of well known chairs including Byrdie Bell,Kathleen and Reha Kocatas, and Jeremy L. Goldstein.


Fountain House’s Fall Fête had a very detailed program. The program focused on t producing scholarships, a process which began in 2011. Fountain House has used such projects to make a tremendous impact on the community. Each year the group gives out two scholarships to people who have been impacted by mental illness. The company is aware of the millions of people whose lives are impacted by illness. More than twenty million people are affected by mental illness in the U.S. alone. The stigma can be hard to shake for many.


Jeremy L. Goldstein knows a thing or two about helping others. For the last decade he has been involved in some of the biggest transactions around. He has worked with and for major companies such as IBM, Goodrich, Bank of America Corporation, MBNA Corporation and the Chevron Texaco Corporation. Goldstein currently runs his own boutique law firm that is focused on advising leaders especially major issues that affect the growth of the company. His leaderships skills have made him a very respected businessman. He continues to be innovative in his field.


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The New CEO Of Sussex Healthcare Is Ready To Lead

Amanda Morgan-Taylor, the new CEO of Sussex Healthcare is ready to move this healthcare system forward now that she has moved into her new position.

As a highly regarded leader in healthcare in the UK, this independent company has been operating out of more than 20 facilities and is focused on long-term care. Those who are in need of rehabilitation may also receive care at Sussex Healthcare, but primarily the goal is to serve the aged adults population.

Sussex Healthcare has a large number of specialists onsite that are available to help patients. These specialists also work hard to create custom care plans for all residents based upon their personal needs and health record. The primary goal is to give residents their quality of life in order to help meet their physical, emotional, and mental needs during the care process. While most of the care is on a typical schedule throughout the day, patients can benefit from care around the clock should they need it from specialists that are on call.

Another area of specialized care that Sussex Healthcare offers, is care for individuals who are in their last days. This requires special attention and special training. Those who work with these individuals are prepared to work with these individuals and their families. This is one of the areas in which Amanda Morgan-Taylor wants to give more attention to. She recognizes the need for families and their loved ones that need specialized care and kindness when facing life’s greatest challenges.

Amanda Morgan-Taylor brings a wealth of knowledge and vast experience to the table, preparing her staff and organization for the work ahead. Because she has managed healthcare organizations prior to her time here with Sussex, she is fully aware of the daily demands, as well as what she may face in the future both with staff and with residents expectations.

The new CEO has more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She is ready to take on her new role with pride and she is ready to develop a new strategy going forward to help grow the company.

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Michel Terpins conservation efforts.

Environmental conservation is today one of the most important aspects of corporate social responsibility. This is drawn from the fact that most of the effect we are seeing today have come from lack of conservation efforts and now we are living at a time where we no longer have a choice but to pull together and do as much as we can for the environment. This approach has seen foundations and other interested persons come together to raise awareness and do something to help in the same. It was thus not strange when the Green initiative foundation approached rally driver Michel Terpins to join their carbon-free campaign. The initiative was one geared at planting trees to help fight the carbon emissions produced during each rallying event.

Michel Terpins being one of the best-known leaders within the rally scene was more than willing to take part. Rodrigo Terpins has been in the rally scene for more than a decade and a half and over the years has been able to appreciate the effects of human activity on the environment. The event would see his T-Rex emblemed with the Carbon free sticker and with this they would become part of the growing team that would support the planting of trees in the Amazon to help in conservation efforts. The 24th edition of the Sertoes rally was bound to be eventful and being part of this initiative would encourage others to join in. Michel Terpins was able to pull his brother Rodrigo Terpins into the same and other competitors. For more details visit


Michel Terpins came from the Cross-country championship where he was already a champion. His credentials there spoke for themselves and most of his fans at the time were confused by his decision and were left wondering whether he would be able to replicate his winning ways in rallying. This was something he also struggled with but his brother Rodrigo Terpins who had been a rally driver for a number of years was at hand to guide him during the transitional period. Today, Michel Terpins has grown out of his Cross-country championship shadows and is now judged on the achievements he is making ad a rally driver.


OG Juan- The Bro Talk

OG Juan Is Treated To An Extravagant Birthday Bash

OG Juan first met Jay Z in 1996. He and Jay Z has an instant connection thanks to their interests in the entertainment industry, the New York life, and sports. OG Juan helped Jay Z run his studios early in their friendship. In 2003, the two opened a sports bar and lounge in New York’s Flatiron Districted named the 40/40 Club. They quickly expanded to other locations throughout the United States. For OG Juan’s 50th birthday, Jay Z flipped the bill for a weekend bash.

The birthday celebration began with dinner at a modern Japanese restaurant called Zuma, which is located in Midtown New York. In attendance where close family and friends. The group dined on lobster, steak, and sushi. The bill came to a whopping $13,000. Next, the party moved to a nightclub where drinks cost $9,000. The night ended at the Playroom Night Club. Here is when the group split into a smaller group with Jay Z and a small group staying to party.

The group ordered 40 bottles of champagne. Twenty bottles were Ace of Spades Gold Champagne and 20 were the Ace of Spades Rose. The small party was seen handing out bottles to other tables. The tab quickly added up to around $100,000. A photo of the tab quickly went viral. The really interesting part of the night is almost all of the party drinks were lines already owned by Jay Z. He bought Ace of Spades in 2014. The photos that went viral also acted as free advertising for Jay Z. Jay Z threw a well-planned party.

The Academy of Art University Students Enter Into New York Fashion Week

The Academy of Art University is a premier institution that promotes the best quality education in creative arts. Runways feature the forward-thinking and futuristic designs of both students and faculty from this prestigious university. Since 2005, students display their unique creations at New York Fashion Week each year. Talent and hard work separate these students from the rest and demonstrate the prowess of the Academy of Art University.

Seventeen students were selected for their unique artistic representations and creative designs. Candidates were selected from the Masters in the Fine Arts and crafted one-of-a-kind collections for both men and women’s wear. One of the notable aspects in this year’s feature is the use of sustainability and individualized voice. Artists were challenged to recognize trends in the industry and frame their own perspectives on notable fabrics and construction techniques.

The results were nothing short of extraordinary with highly refined finished products. Individual collections featured knitwear, textiles as well as integrated fashion. Using technology and sustainable design techniques was another part of the process that makes a big difference. Designers had the chance to imagine and contextualize their patterns with unique and diverse systems.

Established in nineteen twenty-nine, the Academy of Art University made significant strides in educating students over the years. They offer numerous programs both at the bachelors and graduate levels. Unique combinations of professors and engaging learning opportunities set the classes at the Academy of Art University apart from other institutions. They also facilitate collaboration between students and prominent members of the field. The increasing importance of creative and innovative programs is demonstrated by changing requirements in the world of fashion as well as creative design. In responses to these increasingly strict demands, the Academy of Art University works to prepare students for their careers while offering them ample opportunities to network and succeed during their academic years.

Students at the Academy of Art University gain first-hand knowledge from industry experts. They also engage with other students and organizations that are crafting the latest in fashion. The access to experienced faculty and comprehensive coursework make the Academy of Art University one of a kind.

Infinity Group Australia: Transforming Lives of Australians

Infinity Group Australia was founded in 2013 by Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm. The company has grown by leaps and bounds to become the leading debt reduction company in Australia. It has played an integral role in helping Australians in lowering their debts, securing their future and managing their private finances.


The company got recognized this year by the Australian Financial Review (AFR) with the Most Innovative Company award. Inventium which is the top innovation consultancy in Australia worked with a panel of industry experts to come up with the inventory of the companies that have the most innovative capabilities. They judged the submissions based on the quality, impact, innovation culture and how companies handle different problems that they face. The company was ranked position 58 in the list and appeared among the ranks of the best 5.8 percent of the companies that were in the list of nominees.


Graeme Holm, who is one of the founders, gave a tremendous acceptance speech at the award ceremony which was held on July 30, 2018. He retorted that he was proud of his company being listed on the 2018 list of the most innovative companies. He congratulated his team for exemplary hard work and dedication towards debt reduction.


Graeme who has been in the industry of finance for 15 years has a passion for ensuring that banks remain honest and he is also committed to assisting families in Australia. For his extraordinary leadership, Graeme was ranked among the Top 100 MBA Brokers in the country and he received an IQPC Customer Service Management award.


Infinity Group which is located in the Sydney, Bella Vista area helps its clients to implement their weekly budget for basic needs such as fuel, groceries, and entertainment and travel expenses among others. They equally receive a performance breakdown every month that helps them to find out whether they are meeting their family goals and objectives on their family budgets. The clients are also provided with a detailed six months review that showcases their success and encourages them to lower their family mortgage.


Clients receive a personal banker who journeys with them in paying their debts. The company charges a fee of 10 % of one’s annual debt reduction and also charges to connect one with a private banker and also to enter in the debt reduction model. Infinity guides and supports its clients in their loan payment ensuring that they live a stress-free life. The company was recognized in Optus Business Awards 2017 on the business of the year category featuring customer service experience. Learn more :

Things You May Not Know About Malcolm CasSelle

In the world of today’s innovative business owners, some tend to draw more notoriety and interesting questions than others. In fact, this is usually the case with the entrepreneur Malcolm CasSelle, especially since his business has gained quite a bit of great press with his in-game virtual item exchanges.

Additionally, because the area of blockchain is no longer a topic that is only confined to those that have the expertise in the financial market, people all over the globe has a growing interest in making money with these new financial opportunities. So, for those of you who have an interest, here are a few things that you need to know about WAX, its decentralized platform and Malcolm CasSelle, the President of this newly found organization.

2 Year Growth into Multi Billions of Dollars

WAX comes from the experience of a Team of traders that have committed themselves to creating and supporting a centralized marketplace for people who want to participate in trading virtual items. Today, as a result of their present efforts up-to-date, this financial organization has grown into a multi-billion company within a 2 year span of time. In fact, the very essence of this organization has been built on several different factors including addressing various fundamental issues like cross border micro transactions. As a result, this team has had a lot of success in their activities.

What the President is Saying About His Every day Activities

Just like other successful business men, everyone wants to peak into their lives to see what is making the difference between what they do and the average consumer. So, here are a few things that CasSelle says that attributes to the amount of success that he has had and his personal and business habits.

– Eating a Diet that Gives Him the Nutrition that is needed to make it thru the day with ease

– Mornings is spent in various kinds of meetings for updates, problem solving and other activities that keeps the organization productive

– Advocates Paying Attention to Small details but do not get bogged down in the small stuff


Francisco Domenech A Popular Politician in Puerto Rico

Francisco Domenech is a Puerto Rico native who’s political career dates back to 2003. He has made significant contributions during his time with the Young Puerto Rico Democrats also know as YPRD, in which he spent his time between being president and Democratic Committee Man. He was very active in YPRD while there and his contributions still resonate throughout the organization values and representation. Moreover, Francisco Domenech has volunteered countless hours campaigning and supporting meaningful causes for the people of his country. As well as offering his support to Hillary Clinton in both of her runs for presidency,which consisted of holding fundraisers and managing her campaign. At the time, he was managing campaigns in both Puerto Rico and The United States, which proved Domenech as a politician that has duel flexibility with running multiple campaigns successfully. More about of Francisco Domenech at Caribbean Business

In turn this has heightened his level of support because of the peoples confidence in his ability to bring awareness to pertinent issues within their communities. He is a devoted philanthropist and a managing partner with Politank, which is a minority owned group whom he works with to support the interests of various groups withing the Puerto Rico community. Politank is a group that has been a successful liaison for corporations looking to have a representation of the core values of their businesses to state agencies and the government; many fortune 100 companies have been represented with leading results. Francisco Domenech has been a political heavy weight within the Puerto Rico community for many years now, and he has an outstanding track record dating all back to his days with YPRD. He is still going above and beyond to assist and advocate for his community; therefore, it came as no surprise in 2016 that he received the popular vote for the “40 under 40″ in Caribbean Business.

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Tim Duncan’s Motivation Behind Talos Energy

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey was by far one of the most catastrophic hurricanes to ever have hit Texas. After two days of raining, it produced a remarkable amount of flooding and the streets of Houston were completely barricaded with water. The town lost all connections with electricity before a warning appeared that at least another 6 feet of flooding was still to come.

Tim Duncan gathered his family and together they trotted through the storm, in waist-high water, until being rescued by a FEMA rescue boat. It was at this time that Duncan swore to himself that he would no longer hold off on the merging of Stone Energy with his private company Talos Energy.

Talos Energy is an independent oil and electricity company that is operated by a team of high performing experts who obtain operated shelf and create ways to recover necessary resources. This team of men specialize in the exploration and production of deep-water assets and how we can benefit from them. They have created many different techniques to obtain success in several areas.

There are also different forms of Technologies that they use to acquire this goal. For more than a decade, the team has been able to attest to an adequate number of results. After finalizing the deal with Stone Energy in May, it was decided that Talos would now orchestrate Stones listings and that Duncan would also manage an oil company that has acquired $900 million in annual revenue.

Duncan is using this new company and the power of these experts to prevent future catastrophic flooding by drilling numerous Wells, not only in the US but around sections of Mexico, as well. The company is able to accumulate roughly 48 thousand barrels of water a day and Duncan plans to watch these numbers increase.