Highland Capital Management Brings In a New Team Member

Linda Owen, the Dallas Civic Leader and President of The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation has partnered with James Dondero, Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management in an effort to provide a strategic direction for Highland’s charitable activities. This partnership will aid in the development of an elaborate plan to ensure that the funds given by Highland Capital Management towards charity make a positive impact in the society. Linda will be in charge of managing the funds as she will now be serving as the firm’s charitable giving manager. She will be working closely with The Dallas Foundation, an organization that manages Highland Capital Management’s dedicated charity funds.

During the unveiling of the partnership, James Dondero was quoted saying that as their philanthropic activities expand, they became aware of the need to have a professional dedicated to ensuring that the contributions make the greatest impact. He added that Linda has an impeccable track record that speaks for itself, and that she shares the company’s vision of making prompt and real change in the society.

Healthcare, supporting veterans and the Dallas community. Some of the local beneficiaries of Highland’s charity funds include the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Uplift Education, the Center for Brain Health, the Dallas Zoo, American Heart Association and Snowball Express, among others. Not only do these organizations benefit from the funds given to them but they also benefit from the guidance offered to them by James and a number of other executives from the company. This is because some of the company executives, including James, sit on the boards of these organizations.

James Dondero graduated with the highest honors (Beta Gama Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi) in accounting and finance from Mcintire School of Commerce, University of Virginia. He is also a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). James has over three decades experience in the credit and equity markets with a focus on high-yield and distressed investment. He also serves as chairman of CCS Medical, Nexbank and Cornerstone Healthcare.

Source: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160608006430/en/James-Dondero-Teams-Dallas-Civic-Leader-Linda

Health Care: Everyone Has a Right To It

Everyone has a right to be healthy. It should not be limited to people who are rich. Many people can’t afford the high costs of medical or health emergencies. This is why they need health insurance. Fortunately, there are many different types of health insurance for different people. For the senior citizens there is Medicare. Among the different types of Medicare offered are Medicare Advantage and Original Medicare. Medicare Advantage offers a lot of what Original Medicare offers according to Penelope Kokkinides. However, there are a few key differences in the services offered as it depends on the health carrier. It is important for one to find a health insurance provider that is well suited to him.

Fortunately, there is InnovaCare. InnovaCare is in fact one of the best places to go for a patient because they are concerned with the patient first and foremost. They want to make sure that their patient is getting the best possible care. They do more than just patch the patient up and send him on the way. They make sure to take care of their patients physically. At the same time, they understand the importance of the mental and emotional health of the patient. They make sure that the patient feels cared for so that he could heal better.

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InnovaCare Health believes in the importance of establishing a strong relationship between the specialists and their clients. They understand that a relationship is needed so that there could be a better understanding between the specialist and the patient when it comes to the needs. This will help the patient lead a greater quality of life. This culture and mindset was established by Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto. Given the specialized care that they give their patients, people are more likely to walk away in greater condition.

With Medicare Advantage, people will get a more personalized policy. InnovaCare Health is able to provide that with a clear vision. They are very willing to work with the patient in order to make sure that they get the specific care that they need. This is to ensure that the patient is able to continue living a healthy life.

Visit: https://www.monster.com/jobs/c-innovacare-health.aspx

Learn more about InnovaCare Health: https://www.companybooknetworking.com/aveta-inc-/Rick%20Shinto

Friendly White Shark

When one thinks of White Shark Media Complaints, typically the image that first comes to mind is a monster from the ocean ready to sink its teeth into the first floating meat-like object that happens to cross its path.

However, unlike the terrifying creature which stars in the movie Jaws, the white shark mentioned here a friend who is not to be feared.

White Shark Media is a company whose goal is to help increase traffic to many small business’ websites through the use of adwords.

Through this method, they have been able to take businesses that have been unheard of, and put them in a position where they can compete with the rest of the market. But just like any successful business, they have had their hiccups and criticisms.

White Shark Media acknowledges that there are some aspects of their procedures that their customers didn’t care for. In fact, they had received some complaints from some clients for some common issues.

Some of these complaints included communication problems as well as customers having trouble using White Shark’s adword system. However, unlike many other companies, White Shark has taken the time to acknowledge these complains and implement new procedures in order to maximize customer satisfaction.

In acknowledging these complaints, White Shark Media has improved their services for the benefit of their customers. They realize that as a business whose goal is to help other businesses generate traffic, it is imperative that they deliver the best customer satisfaction possible.

Without their customer base, they can’t function properly as a business, and will ultimately falter without the support of them.

With this in mind, White Shark Media has taken the time to assess these complaints, and implement new procedures to fix problems which customers were having with their systems as well as ensuring that they receive the best customer service around.  Read more: Typical Complaints From White Shark Media Clients and How We Have Improved Because of Them

They are also improving their technologies so that customers may be able to use the most up to date, efficient systems at their disposals.

In other words, White Shark Media cares about the satisfaction of their customers, and will go the extra mile to make sure that they are completely satisfied in using their services.

Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: https://disqus.com/home/channel/whitesharkmediacomplaints/discussion/channel-whitesharkmediacomplaints/white_shark_media_complaints/

Andy Wirth’s Big Idea

In an op-ed piece written for the Auburn Journal, Andy Wirth, president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, outlines a proposal for creating more local jobs and improving year-round visitor traffic to North Lake Tahoe while maintaining strong environmental standards.

The mountain resort industry is highly competitive throughout the country, and Andy Wirth hopes to augment his Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows resort complex with an environmentally friendly addition called The Village.

The proposal calls for an education-based interactive park, miles of new biking and hiking trails, and a mountain adventure park offering state-of-the-art athletic facilities and numerous outdoor activities, including rock climbing and zip lines.

The improvements are designed to enhance human interaction with the geographical assets of Squaw Valley while blending in with the natural environment. The project is expected to generate over 1,400 new jobs and $25 million in yearly tax revenue. Read more: Andy Wirth – About.me and Andy Wirth – President & CEO @Squaw Valley Ski Resort

Wirth’s proposal has gone through multiple revisions after hearing from a variety of citizens at more than 500 community meetings.

In fact, the original project has been cut back by 50 percent due to these collaborative efforts. Important to the community was the reduction in height or elimination altogether of several planned structures in order to maintain mountain views. Learn more about Andy Wirth: http://andywirth.com/

Also, half of the proposed project area is now dedicated to open space, while over 90 percent of the remaining project area would be constructed on 82 acres of preexisting asphalt.

During his 25 years of experience in the mountain resort and hotel industry, Wirth has won numerous community service and professional awards. Learn more about Andy Wirth: http://www.auburnjournal.com/article/10/28/15/another-view-community-input-shaping-squaw-valley%E2%80%99s-future

Andy Wirth is an avid outdoorsman and distance athlete. In a 2013 skydiving accident, Wirth had his entire right arm torn off. After 23 surgeries and 50 days in hospital, he returned to work.

Fabletics Stretching Into Dressier Apparel

If there were any company dedicated to making athletic wear more trendy, fun, and flattering it would be Fabletics. Fabletics is designed around the idea that the athletic woman should be able to feel hip and fashionable while maintaining an active lifestyle. For many women and men, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is becoming a priority.

In the past, having a workout session and going to the office or running errands were mutually exclusive activities. What many people are looking for now in a fast paced lifestyle is a way to seamlessly integrate workouts into an already busy schedule. For this reason we are seeing the rise of athleisure, the casual athletic wear fashion style that goes from yoga or the gym to picking up the kids at school, to lunch or the office.

Fabletics is an easy and accessible way to find on trend workout wear for leisure athletic activities. Though there is a brick and mortar store, Fabletics is based mostly in an online store where shoppers can find a variety of fun and fashionable clothing items that are meant to be worn for athletics but are fashionable enough to wear out on the street. Though mix and match styles exist, purchasing an athletic look an in already coordinated tank and pant set makes shopping for an athletic lifestyle even easier.

In a recent interview with Marie Claire Magazine at http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/news/a19566/kate-hudson-fabletics-interview/, Kate Hudson explains the new development within the company. By offering a wider variety of styles, athletic style clothing can now be worked into going out on a date night or going out with friends. Some of the same materials that are used to make a running pant, or a sport bra are being made into a line of dresses that are sleek and fashionable enough to wear out on the town. This is great for the woman who maintains an active lifestyle and likes the feel and look of her sport clothes. A dress for the Fabletics line may look as trendy and sleek as any other going out dress but will stretch and move better than anything else in the fashion market. This makes getting dressed up less of a constricting experience for the woman who likes to feel sporty and comfortable. With the loss of zippers, hooks and tight waistlines, the sporty woman can feel free to move about with the same ease of movement that she would have at a yoga class, while having drinks at the bar. 
Source: http://www.fabletics.com/swim-shop

Revolutionary Weight Loss Program

Have you ever had problems or issues with loosing weight? Dieting not working alone?, Exercise not working alone? Everyone at one point or another needs a little booster to help them along their weight lost journey.
Not only does Nutrimost focus on giving you a change in physical appearance, it also focuses on giving you a healthier body for better living results. With tons of rave reviews, people across the country are witnessing pounds falling off within the first 40 days. The program tends to focus on revolutionary technology and Nutrimost Recipes.

One of Dr. Ray Wisniewski(Creator of Nutrimost) trainees provides us with insight on why this program is different than others and produces such great results. “It’s all about our hormones balancing hormones, turning off fat storage hormones and turning on fat metabolism.”(Dr.Lisa Stadut).

If you are serious about loosing weight Nutrimost.com‘s program may be just for you and worth looking into. Just think 40 day commitment could mean 20 pounds of weight(fat) off of your body.

Articles Used:

CT Woman loses 80 lbs with Nutrimost

Stephen Murray: An Inspiration

The business and banking industries received saddening news that Stephen Murray, the chief executive officer of CCMP Capital Advisors has passed away. Stephen Murray, the terrific deal maker, passed away on March 12, 2015 at the age of 52. Read more: Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees

He not only contributed to the success of his company and the others that he worked for, but Stephen Murray supported many charities through out his life including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Boston College, and Stamford Museum. Read more: CCMP’s Murray dead at 52

Stephen Murray was a resident of New York City, and began his journey to success at Boston College where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. Murray progressed his education by seeking and completing a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University on New York. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP: http://fortune.com/2015/03/13/ex-ccmp-capital-ceo-steve-murray-passes-away/

It is no surprise that with such a strong educational background that he joined JP Morgan in 1984, and quickly began to rise in position becoming the vice president of middle-market lending.

It was then that Stephen Murray went on to develop and co-found CCMP Capital which is a spinout of JP Morgan Chase. He was soon elected president and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital, and focused his efforts on the private firm and the growth equity transactions it specializes in. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP: http://ryvoice.org/stephen-murray-and-ccmp-capital/

Due to health complications, Stephen Murray stepped down as chief executive officer of CCMP shorty before his passing. Stephen Murray was a celebrated businessman with many connections, and served as a board member on several major companies.

All that knew Stephen Murray say that he was an inspiration to work with, and will be dearly missed in the banking industry.

Meaningful Products From Meaningful QNet

The idea of creating a new brand takes a lot of hard work and determination. QNet began with ordinary friends to become one of the top direct sellers in the industry. Now over 17 years old, QNet offers a wide range of products that enhance consumers lives. It’s everyone’s wish to eat healthier and QNet provides these options in abundance. As mentioned in an article at BCexploration.com, their products range from wellness care, skincare, nutrition and even the finest jewelry. No where on the globe can you get the quality that QNet provides and you deserve.

It is hard to find a brand who cares as much about the quality and moral standards of a product anywhere worldwide. Not only do consumers receive premier products but the company they purchase from also gives back around the world. QNet is committed to involving themselves in philanthropic contributions across the globe. QNet’s distributors, known as Independent Representatives, can share in the success and pride in providing quality products to families who share in the premier products offered. People are their greatest asset. The energy that this grass roots company has translates into its Independent Representatives and consumers. Ethnic and cultural diversity is celebrated through leadership and you can see the results in over 100 countries. Being the best you is their credo. With skincare products to holiday family packages allow you to become a fuller person and connect with the world around you. Absolute living is the concept these friends deliver. The goal is to make well being accessible to anyone and everyone. A healthy mind, body and spirit enhances you and enhances the world you live in.

Ross Abelow: Defending New York

The name of Ross Abelow brings a special reputation that precedes it. A graduate of New York University and the Brooklyn College of Law, he has built a reputation for himself with well over 20 years of experience as a lawyer in the city of New York. As a jack of all trades, he has worked with matrimonial, commercial, family, and litigation law during his career. If you have any legal troubles, Ross Abelow is your go-to man.

When you have difficult decisions with legal repercussions to decide for yourself, Abelow is there for you. Ever need some help writing a will to make sure your loved ones are taken care of when you aren’t around anymore? Do you have any preferences you would like medical professionals to be aware of before you are terminally ill? Consider seeking his help in writing the perfect will. Don’t worry your family with tough, heartbreaking decisions such as whether or not to keep you own life support.

If you’re having charges stacked against you, Ross Abelow is the man to go to make sure you get treated fairly by the justice system. Dealing with the criminal justice system of America can be frustrating and terrifying. Don’t go through your fight alone. He has defended many and has successfully achieved many acquittals in even the bleakest of circumstances. Prosecutors can use many awful tricks in their efforts to sway juries and succeed in bringing about a conviction. Abelow won’t allow for these tricks to be played against you in the court of law.

As a shining example of versatility, Ross Abelow extends his expertise in the world of commercial law. He has helped everything from startups to big businesses produce wonderful contracts and create policies that allow them to succeed in any endeavors they choose. No matter what a business might need he does not hesitate to give it what is necessary.

In a city known for its top notch lawyers, Ross Abelow stands as a truly accomplished man. He stands above the fray and holds his own without a problem. His career has nowhere to go but up.

The Eccentric Cosmetics of a Creative Soul

If there’s one thing that can be said about Doe Deere, CEO of Lime Crime makeup line, it’s that she one who likes to break the rules when it comes to the conventions of makeup and fashion; her style and essence mirrors that of a Tim Burton collage of sheer brilliance. Mismatching eyeliner and lipstick combinations is the name of her game, and she’s not afraid to mix up the endless possibilities of going against the grain when it comes to color coordination; they don’t refer to it as “makeup for unicorns” for nothing.

And her keen eye for expanding on the building block of patterns is nothing to laugh about either. The way she finds shortcuts to making things like print-on-prints accentuate the color schemes is a work of mad genius. And that’s really her secret to making just about anything look good: keep it in the color family! Another key to obtaining her chic style is to play around with things such as socks and heels, as well as hair color and what works well with it; pastel hair meshes better with pale and airy colors, while darker-textured hair responds better with saturated hues. And her philosophy on age is something to consider as well: Just because you’re of a certain age bracket doesn’t mean you can’t rock the kind of apparel you want.

Doe Deere’s main purpose for starting up her own line of cosmetics and fashion was all about freedom and self-expression. And all it took was a little patience and a penchant for sharing her secrets to the world; she created her own Ebay account back in 2004 titled “limecrime” and modeled everything herself. She also thinks of her customers when it comes to creating an idea; understanding what others enjoy and what they have to say is a good way to better your creativity. And her advice when it comes to being an entrepreneur is simple yet effective: Follow your dreams and don’t quit until you succeed. Understand the business aspect of what you plan to do and just go for it; let your intuition help you find the platform you thrive to create. And if she wasn’t inspiring enough, her advocacy for animals is something to love her for. A smart and inspiring human being with a compassionate heart, Doe Deere continues to leave her mark as an eccentric genius of the cosmetic world.