Beneful Commercials Include Actual Products and Results

A Beneful commercial features actual pets who have been on their organic diet for 6-8 weeks, or more. They feature happy pets living a productive lifestyle with very happy pet owners. It’s clear to see pets love their all natural ingredients, and real meat contents, but their owners love the price. Their widely preferred for their real chicken, beef. and lamb. Real salmon will help your pet companion with a healthy heart. Watch how the pets in their commercial thrive on their wet, and dry dog food products. Their bite size pieces in their gourmet blend provides a great meal for smaller breeds.

You will also see Beneful treats detailed in the commercials as a snack, treat, or effective obedience training snacks. View one of their commercials, and witness the wholesome goodness in each package. Customers can also receive an additional 20% off by visiting the Beneful website for their promotional savings offer today.