Billy McFarland And His Refreshing Business Magnises

Billy McFarland, still in his early twenties is no stranger to successful business startups. This is evidenced by his latest venture, Magnises, a New York City platform designed in 2013 for millennials to get together at many of their favorite restaurants, bars, clubs, nightspots, travel opportunities, events and special occasions with remarkable discounts and perks.

According to Crunchbase, at the age of 13, Billy McFarland started his first business which was an agency for locating customers for a local business. While a freshman in college, he founded Spling, which was a company that transformed company URLs into a graphic, helping to brand the company and create better content for internet marketing.

McFarland still serves as the CEO of this business, which is still a going concern, having clients such as Universal and Discovery.

Magnises is unique because of its immediate recognition and acceptance by the millennial crowd. By the close of 2015, Magnises already had well over 10,000 members and still growing.

Along with the $250 annual membership comes the “Black Card” which is used to copy all of the information from the member’s credit or debit cards onto the magnetic strip of the Black Card. It is then used to pay the bill at the member establishment and automatically apply the discount.

Millennials love to get together and talk about new ideas, brag about their exploits, and make business contacts. So, why not take advantage of some of the great discounts which Magnises makes available. It is the thing to do for a business to be on the list, as it increases business quite a bit.

As long as a restaurant or club agrees to the point that extraordinary service and attention comes with the territory and that they agree to come aboard for the long term, they are invited in.

Membership for new membership is not so automatic either. There is an online application form that must be completed and approved by management.

Referrals from current members help a lot, and that is one of the primary methods that brings new members in. If an individual in a group does not have a Black Card, they are strongly encouraged by the others who are Magnises members to get with the program and join.