Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brasil Leads in Brand Advertising

One of the primary factors to consider in business is a good advertising agency for a brand. With a good advertising agency, the brand is set to experience a positive growth given the expected huge market niche. In the current marketing world where there are multiple channels of marketing like online platforms, a good advertising agency seeks to incorporate the strength of the brand with its potential. That is where Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brasil comes in. Jose is fondly known for his extensive understanding of the marketing as well as branding strategies.



Jose Borghi is the co-founder as well as the chief executive officer of Mullen Lowe. He is the leader and in charge of critical decision making. The Brazilian commercial industry highly depends on his input to market products. As the author of many books concerning successful advertising for brands, Jose is inclined towards developing startups and seasoned brands. His advertising aspirations speak well of his efforts in businesses. The root of his interests in advertising and brand is traced from high school when he participated in various school projects and what Jose Borghi knows.



Jose’s career in advertising and branding is a long journey from his past experiences. Josewas attending an event in his city. The exhibition included prizes to be won upon winning in the event. The displayed awards reflected golden lions. Jose was fascinated by the statuettes. He also had a special connection with the exhibits. That marked the beginning of his interests in advertising. Jose was visionary to the point of receiving an award dubbed the lion award and Borghi on Facebook.



In 1989, Jose started his professional studies. He attended the Standard Ogilvy Group. Jose was successful in his efforts to pick instrumental lessons on advertising and branding. He understood the ropes of advertising and grasped basic strategies for the business. He then joined a visionary man called Erh Ray and incorporated his advertising agency. They formed a company called BorghiErh. Throughout the partnership he was the leader. While collaborating in the new business, he made extensive success thanks to his efforts. In 2006, the partnership attracted the attention of high-profile investors and Borghi’s lacrosse camp.



Jose developed new ways of advertising through creativity. He has structured different approaches for selling brands. Borghi incorporates different nationalities when advertising different brands from various companies. The use of multiple staff away from the work station encourages the development of creative selling points. For advertising purposes Mullen Lowe of Brasil is an executive leader and more information click here.

What’s Up, Jose?

Meet José Henrique Borghi, a current ad executive and strategist at Mullen Lowe Brasil – and a man loved everywhere for his unique and inspiring ads. His ideas stick like glue on paper. In fact, they have stuck well for many years. This Brazilian business leader knows what it means to innovate as he has done so successfully for almost three decades and counting; no, he does not plan to stop soon, for his best ideas, according to him, are still to come. What an inspiration this man is to many! and learn more about Borghi.

Jose has even had the privilege of attending the Cannes Film Festival in France and wrote on many blogs about his experience, primarily on Cannes France’s main blog page. In it, he focuses his ideas on the importance of continuing to implement and brand original concepts on all levels, stating that one can also have thousands of ideas in his mind at once – all of which initially fail – but it’s those one or two, which make it to the final drawing board, that will ultimately bring in the dough and the audiences. Jose Borghi notes that it’s important to brainstorm, brainstorm again and then brainstorm some more; this, according to him, cannot be stressed with enough urgency or clarity as it potentially holds the very core of any successful concept for the long haul. Most good ad ideas begin at the very drawing board; so, concept designers and leaders, keep your noses to the grindstone, for it’s at the moment when you least expect it, that something good will come – an idea that sells to the masses and brings in a profit of hundreds, thousands, millions, billions and beyond and Borghi on Facebook.

Be inspired today. Inspire others as well. Begin by reading more about Jose and his company story online and more information click here.

Advertising on Facebook According to Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal, being experienced with advertising has more than likely did some advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook. While they have been effective enough, there is a change coming for Facebook. For one thing, Facebook is said to be running out of advertising inventory. As a result, people are going to have to find other ways to market their companies. One of the best ways for people to market their companies is through engagement in the community. In other words, many of the established businesses are going to have to act like new entrepreneurs in that they use Facebook to engage in the community and gain likes that way.

For people like Lori Senecal, this is actually a good thing. After all, people are more likely to do business with companies that they can interact with as opposed to companies that just drop ads. Therefore, it is important for people to think of ways that they are going to engage the community. Fortunately, social media is unlimited in the types of topics that can be searched. The only limits are what is trending. However, Facebook can be tricky for people because a lot of people are using this platform just to get likes. Check out Forbes for more info.

Even though Facebook is running out of ad inventory, there is still tons of room for people to advertise on plenty of other platforms. After all, advertising is a part of marketing. Lori can come up with a great campaign that can gain the attention of customers. However, it must be accompanied by other efforts to reach out to the customers so that they will have more interest in browsing the company and even buying products from the company. After all, customers do like to feel like they exist and they matter to the company that they do business with.


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