Lime Crime’s New Bold Release

It is nine years since the launch of lime crime. The company says that it serves those who dare to dream of new looks, new colors and new a make-up world. Lime crime bold releases have always stunned the make-up world from lipsticks to facial makeovers.


According to the founder and CEO of the company, they pride in their colorful creations. In her world, she feels that no one should feel apologetic when he or she dares to dream.


The ‘Unicorn’ brand is gaining pace in the market fast. In the new categories, Doe Deere hopes to continue the company’s remarkable blueprint of thinking new. In the new categories, they will introduce two super products.


Diamond Crushers Top


As an alternative or an addition to other lip products, the crushers are uniquely engineered to go with any occasion. First, they are Water based lip and can be added on top of lipstick or applied alone.


This product is friendly to your lips and prevents your lips from excessive exposure to agents that can make them crack. Lime Crime goes an extra mile to introduce other unique products to supplement the Unicorn looks.


Available colors include rose gold (Cleopatra), holographic shade (Acid Fairy) and bright shade (Black Unicorn). These colors are unique to the company. You will not find these colors anywhere else making you unique, bold, and classy.


You can order the product online via their website at only $19.


Unicorn hair dyes


The release date is yet, but the social media world is already abuzz about it. The new release features 11 new unconventional hair dye colors christened Unicorns. You can never run short of color varieties.


The Colors include Pony, Bunny, Gargoyle, Dirty Mermaid, Salad, Sext, Chocolate Cherry, Strawberry Jam, Leeloo, Jello, and Neon Peach. These are unique colors created specifically outside the normal realm of hair dye.


You can order the product online via lime crime website at only $16.


If you are looking to spruce up yourself, Lime Crime never disappoints. The brand is very popular in mainstream popular art and entertainment. Be that unapologetic makeup queen or king that you ever wanted.