The Unveiling of Hippeas and the Entrepreneur behind the Venture, Livio Bisterzo

livio bisterzo hippeas

Chickpea snacks like Hippies are going to be all the rave, thanks to their high nutritional value, hippie packaging and low prices. According, the snack is organic, gluten free, vegan and a good source of protein. Hippies chickpea is also high in fiber, low in calories and doesn’t contain preservatives. It is also important to note that chickpea releases nitrogen to the earth as it grows. Modern hipsters will love this snack because it is good for the body, mind and soul. The product is manufactured and packaged by Green Park Snacks Ltd of London, UK. The firm has partnered with several retailers to market and distribute its products globally.

The partners include Holland & Barret, Starbucks and Boots. A recent Drum News article reveals that the new organic chickpea puff was launched in June 13 2016, and is available in flavors like In Herbs We Trust, Sweet & Smokin’, Far Out Fajita and the distinctly aromatic, Pepper Powder. To enhance its visibility, the chickpea snack’s brand personality features a broad smiling face that can be traced to the first hippie era, but this time with a modern twist. When it comes to corporate responsibility, Green Park has partnered with a charity organization called Farm Africa. The Charity organization is that is at the forefront of enhancing food security and fighting poverty in sub-Sahara Africa through technological innovation.

About Livio Bisterzo
Livio Bisterzo is an Italian businessman with many ventures to his name. His areas of specialty include business development, brand building, marketing, nutrition and FMGC. According to CrunchBase, the LA based entrepreneur moved to London in 2009 when he was 19 years. Over the years, his business portfolios have grown to include consumer brands, hospitality outfits and lifestyle businesses. The hospitality brands include Pollen St and Maddox Club. One of his newest companies is the Green Park Holdings established in 2015.

Bisterzo is also the founder and CEO of Alvaro Group and the entrepreneur behind Little Miracle Drinks. Alrazo Group and the Little Miracle Drinks were established in 2006 and 2011 respectively. Bisterzo’s ventures and successes in the business front have been highlighted in various leading publications, including the highly respected FT, Vanity Fair and Esquire Magazines. Bisterzo studied at the University of the Arts London from 1999 to 2002 and obtained a BA in business and management in fashion. He is fluent in both Italian and English.