Water Quality Not Affected at Squaw Valley

There was a news report that E. Coli and coliform bacteria were detected in Squaw Valley’s drinking water. The upper four wells were said to be contaminated.

The water, treated and showing improvement, is only in the upper mountain region. At no time was such drinking water a public hazard, as none of the drinking water was available to the public.

The ski slopes are safe, and were never in danger. All of the slopes have remained open at the famed Squaw Valley resort. The issue was immediately addressed by the resort, Placer County, and the Public Service District.

Only the four wells at the upper region of the mountain were involved. There was a major, very large rain storm in October of 2016, and this affected the water due to runoff. This storm affected several water systems in Placer County, and authorities were made aware of the problem and reacted at a very early stage, closing the affected wells and treating the water.

Of paramount safety was the health of the customers, and at no time was any customer in danger of drinking any contaminated water from the runoff. The issue was contained and the entire resort area remains open.

Placer County and the Squaw Valley Public Service District were instrumental in helping restore the water to its safe level, and preventing the use of the water in the wells that were effected. As stated earlier, at no time was any contaminated water made available to the public, and all slopes remain open and were never closed.