How Fabletics Beats Amazon at its Own Game

When Kate Hudson started Fabletics in 2013 she and her partners were well aware of the challenges that a new apparel brand would face in the recent environment. In addition to a customer base that has a multitude of options, the apparel industry itself is facing close to industry-ending challenges that many are succumbing to. The subscription service that the brand utilizes to keep customers satisfied with new and exciting product pieces, the company relies upon data analysis to really give it a competitive advantage.


The company compiles and analyzes a lot of data from its customer base, and in a move that helps it stand out from the pack, it uses this information to refine the buying experience as well as the product offerings. The company prefers to remain nimble and engaged with its subscribers in a way that is atypical for this market segment. In fact, the brand even offers an online quiz for its customers to determine which products best suit their tastes and lifestyles.


Fabletics tracks social media reaction to product roll-outs and follows the overall sentiment of the brand quite closely. Through social media, the brand is able to gain a lot of relevant information that allows it to take on established purveyors such as Amazon. The online giant has captured a very significant part of retail sales and has forced out many apparel companies. In order to compete in this environment, Fabletics has stayed with what works while making continuous refinements based on the real-time feedback that it receives from its customer base.


By positioning the brand as an aspirational product Fabletics has been able to grow a cohesive and robust community around its brand. In order to differentiate itself from strictly online products, the brand hosts many in-person local events at which it is able to glean even more information about its customers. The pipeline calls for further bricks and mortar locations in addition to the nearly 20 it now has. The brand also intends to continue its use of temporary pop-up concept stores in order to both reach out to its online subscribers and also attract new members.


This hybrid model has made Fabletics a real contender in a market segment that has been all but locked up by Amazon. The business model has proven quite strong and it is expected that Fabletics will continue with strong growth well into the future.

Lime Crime’s New Bold Release

It is nine years since the launch of lime crime. The company says that it serves those who dare to dream of new looks, new colors and new a make-up world. Lime crime bold releases have always stunned the make-up world from lipsticks to facial makeovers.


According to the founder and CEO of the company, they pride in their colorful creations. In her world, she feels that no one should feel apologetic when he or she dares to dream.


The ‘Unicorn’ brand is gaining pace in the market fast. In the new categories, Doe Deere hopes to continue the company’s remarkable blueprint of thinking new. In the new categories, they will introduce two super products.


Diamond Crushers Top


As an alternative or an addition to other lip products, the crushers are uniquely engineered to go with any occasion. First, they are Water based lip and can be added on top of lipstick or applied alone.


This product is friendly to your lips and prevents your lips from excessive exposure to agents that can make them crack. Lime Crime goes an extra mile to introduce other unique products to supplement the Unicorn looks.


Available colors include rose gold (Cleopatra), holographic shade (Acid Fairy) and bright shade (Black Unicorn). These colors are unique to the company. You will not find these colors anywhere else making you unique, bold, and classy.


You can order the product online via their website at only $19.


Unicorn hair dyes


The release date is yet, but the social media world is already abuzz about it. The new release features 11 new unconventional hair dye colors christened Unicorns. You can never run short of color varieties.


The Colors include Pony, Bunny, Gargoyle, Dirty Mermaid, Salad, Sext, Chocolate Cherry, Strawberry Jam, Leeloo, Jello, and Neon Peach. These are unique colors created specifically outside the normal realm of hair dye.


You can order the product online via lime crime website at only $16.


If you are looking to spruce up yourself, Lime Crime never disappoints. The brand is very popular in mainstream popular art and entertainment. Be that unapologetic makeup queen or king that you ever wanted.

Blogger Reaches For WEN By Chaz To Give Flat Hair Body And Movement

There’s nothing worse than flat hair that lacks movement and body, right?

Who wants shapeless hair, and yet, many of us are cursed with it, even beauty bloggers like Emily McClure. She was sick of her medium length, fine and sometimes frizzy locks, and since she writes about beauty often, she decided to pamper her mane.

Emily had seen the famous WEN By Chaz hair infomercials touting the brand’s revolutionary no lather shampoo system. So, she decided to give WEN a 7-day whirl and hope for Hollywood hair. She even kept a daily hair log and snapped hair selfies for

WEN By Chaz is an incredible, unique hair care brand that takes the sulfates and kicks these nasty chemicals to the curb. Instead, the special cleansing conditioners bathe each hair strand in nourishing plant-based formulas that are healthy for hair of every type. Popular stylist-to-the-stars Chaz Dean invented the brilliant, no shampoo lather method, because he knew those shampoo lathers were nothing but destructive to the hair, both inside and out.

Chaz Dean’s celebrity clientele remain loyal to the man and his brand, because it’s a healthy way to manage beautiful hair. Chaz Dean and his team went through a lot of work to create the special 5 in 1 formula that went into WEN Hair, which are currently available to many online retailers, such as Sephora, Guthy-Renker and eBay.

Emily McClure chose the FIG cleansing conditioner for extra moisture. She got out of the shower, blew her hair dry and curled her mane and saw a hair miracle. WEN By Chaz had created Hollywood hair for Emily. It was fuller, softer and glossy. Her cute selfies tell the story.

Emily loved using WEN By Chaz for seven days, but admits, the formula requires you love your hair. If you’re lazy about staying on a daily WEN wash and blow-drying and styling, then WEN might not be for you. She says the product rocks, when you follow the simple steps on the back of the bottle.

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Fabletics Stretching Into Dressier Apparel

If there were any company dedicated to making athletic wear more trendy, fun, and flattering it would be Fabletics. Fabletics is designed around the idea that the athletic woman should be able to feel hip and fashionable while maintaining an active lifestyle. For many women and men, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is becoming a priority.

In the past, having a workout session and going to the office or running errands were mutually exclusive activities. What many people are looking for now in a fast paced lifestyle is a way to seamlessly integrate workouts into an already busy schedule. For this reason we are seeing the rise of athleisure, the casual athletic wear fashion style that goes from yoga or the gym to picking up the kids at school, to lunch or the office.

Fabletics is an easy and accessible way to find on trend workout wear for leisure athletic activities. Though there is a brick and mortar store, Fabletics is based mostly in an online store where shoppers can find a variety of fun and fashionable clothing items that are meant to be worn for athletics but are fashionable enough to wear out on the street. Though mix and match styles exist, purchasing an athletic look an in already coordinated tank and pant set makes shopping for an athletic lifestyle even easier.

In a recent interview with Marie Claire Magazine at, Kate Hudson explains the new development within the company. By offering a wider variety of styles, athletic style clothing can now be worked into going out on a date night or going out with friends. Some of the same materials that are used to make a running pant, or a sport bra are being made into a line of dresses that are sleek and fashionable enough to wear out on the town. This is great for the woman who maintains an active lifestyle and likes the feel and look of her sport clothes. A dress for the Fabletics line may look as trendy and sleek as any other going out dress but will stretch and move better than anything else in the fashion market. This makes getting dressed up less of a constricting experience for the woman who likes to feel sporty and comfortable. With the loss of zippers, hooks and tight waistlines, the sporty woman can feel free to move about with the same ease of movement that she would have at a yoga class, while having drinks at the bar. 

The Eccentric Cosmetics of a Creative Soul

If there’s one thing that can be said about Doe Deere, CEO of Lime Crime makeup line, it’s that she one who likes to break the rules when it comes to the conventions of makeup and fashion; her style and essence mirrors that of a Tim Burton collage of sheer brilliance. Mismatching eyeliner and lipstick combinations is the name of her game, and she’s not afraid to mix up the endless possibilities of going against the grain when it comes to color coordination; they don’t refer to it as “makeup for unicorns” for nothing.

And her keen eye for expanding on the building block of patterns is nothing to laugh about either. The way she finds shortcuts to making things like print-on-prints accentuate the color schemes is a work of mad genius. And that’s really her secret to making just about anything look good: keep it in the color family! Another key to obtaining her chic style is to play around with things such as socks and heels, as well as hair color and what works well with it; pastel hair meshes better with pale and airy colors, while darker-textured hair responds better with saturated hues. And her philosophy on age is something to consider as well: Just because you’re of a certain age bracket doesn’t mean you can’t rock the kind of apparel you want.

Doe Deere’s main purpose for starting up her own line of cosmetics and fashion was all about freedom and self-expression. And all it took was a little patience and a penchant for sharing her secrets to the world; she created her own Ebay account back in 2004 titled “limecrime” and modeled everything herself. She also thinks of her customers when it comes to creating an idea; understanding what others enjoy and what they have to say is a good way to better your creativity. And her advice when it comes to being an entrepreneur is simple yet effective: Follow your dreams and don’t quit until you succeed. Understand the business aspect of what you plan to do and just go for it; let your intuition help you find the platform you thrive to create. And if she wasn’t inspiring enough, her advocacy for animals is something to love her for. A smart and inspiring human being with a compassionate heart, Doe Deere continues to leave her mark as an eccentric genius of the cosmetic world.

Enjoy The Beach With New Swimsuit Collection From Fabletics

Every month Hudson releases a new collection of her own taste for her cofounded firm Fabletics – This season she has designed swimsuit outfits looking like those of hers to facilitate more enjoyment of the sunny season. The outfits for swimming have been designed for every womanÕs taste and every body shape to allow more enjoyment of this favorite season of Hudson and a favorite one for many.

Part of the new releases according to Elite Daily are new sunny dresses from the Fabletics closet. Summer will work well for her lovers who will have the privilege to enjoy her good looking fashions if not swimming like her. Apparently the swimsuits have been made in a way that will protect the body from ultraviolet rays and also from recyclable synthetic.

Most of the fashion is meant to inspire active participation of women in activities and workouts for good health. The retail shop is majorly on women sports items and outfits giving confidence to all women despite shape and taste.

Kate Hudson is the inspiration behind Fabletics in addition to being a co-founder. Every month she releases a trend from her closet allowing women to enjoy her original collection through a member subscription at Fabletics.

Fabletics offers a variety of clothing from athletics clothing, yoga pants, dresses, and fitness outfits. Hudson has an exclusive VIP membership with great offers at quality clothing. The retail shop has expanded to now owning its 7th store in addition to expanding in different global regions from Germany, France, Canada, Japan and North America.

Apparently the firm already owns a 2000 square foot space for its outfit in Minnesota. Hudson looks forward to opening over 75 stores in 5 years. The firm has already recorded a great boost from its shipping.

To join the VIP membership and enjoy great offers at Fabletics one is required to pay a monthly subscription which will be great for monthly shopping and cancel subscriptions if they are not planning to shop in the month. Athleisure is the new trend that one should try out.