Dherbs.com Identifies Healthy Ways to Bring Cleanse and Wellness Programs Together


Our metabolism has processes that are constantly working hard to eliminate toxins from our body and maintain our life.


A cleanse or detox program is our rational mind coming up with ways to help our internal processes remove more of those toxins that sometimes remain as part of our storage of fat. With daily exposure to toxic environments and unhealthy lifestyles, it makes sense to assist our body and support those life-sustaining processes. Allowing those toxins to continue to accumulate can cause bloating, constipation, headaches, and make us more susceptible to diseases.

What’s the best way to help our body?


EarthlyBodies wrote that many cleanse, like those at Dherbs.com, and weight loss programs have you ingest chemicals and eliminate food altogether, however, the best programs will nourish your body rather than starve it. Raw and plant-based foods contain active enzymes and nutrients along with soluble and insoluble fiber. Fiber absorbs the toxins released from your fatty tissues which are then eliminated as part of your natural digestive process.


With that in mind, dherbs.com has natural, healthy food recipes to support any cleansing or weight loss program. What better way to stop that mid-afternoon hunger AND help your body with a delicious Veggie Slim Jim? Consisting of seeds, bell pepper, beet, garlic, and spices they are a yummy combination wrapped in a nori sheet that is easy to prepare and take with you anywhere.

If you enjoy smoothies, Dherbs.com shows there is a fabulous caramel tasting all veggie recipe on Pinterest. Quick and easy to do, all you need is a blender, almond milk, bananas, spinach, vanilla, mango, peaches, and maple or coconut syrup. Additional ingredients are listed to pack a more healthy punch if you so desire.


Salads always come to mind when talking about health and veggies. The zesty corn salad is another tasty, delicious, all vegan recipe that is quick and easy to prepare.


Either as a boost to your already in-progress cleanse and weight loss program or as a healthy variety to your daily routine, dherbs.com has many more recipes to choose from, and TrustPilot has reviewed the vast majority of them.

The Latest Snack from the Mind of Livio Bisterzo

Sometimes, it can seem like there are just too many snacks out there in the world. If you have the munchies, there are plenty of corporations out there that want to tame your hunger. Some of these options are healthy. Some of them are not. However, before you shell out your cash for some standard snack found at a convenience store, take the time to check out what Green Park Brands cooked up with the help of Livio Bisterzo, the company’s founder.

The product Livio Bisterzo helped create is called Hippeas (http://hippeas.com/). This snack is created from organic chickpea puffs. If that snack sounds healthy to you, you’re correct. However, it’s actually even better than you think. Livio Bisterzo made his new snack with plenty of fiber. It’s also gluten free and vegan. It doesn’t get much better than that. Each pouch of Hippeas is loaded with flavor, and each pouch only contains 100 calories. The snack is available in two different flavors. The first flavor is called Far Out Fajita. The second flavor is called Vegan Cheddar. Both flavors are delicious, and you can currently find both flavors at any Starbucks across America.

The new snack has been a hit with consumers. Obviously, Livio Bisterzo was hoping for such an outcome. However, to get this positive result, he truly focused his efforts upon creating a product that would be the right snack at the right time. He said, “We knew that we needed to create a product that didn’t steer too far away from what customers are used to and one they would be proud to pick up from the shelf.” Livio Bisterzo knew success would be found in creating something that would be both different and familiar. Organic chickpea puffs were exactly the right call.

Your body will feel fit and healthy munching on some Hippeas. However, your conscience will also feel great. This is because Livio Bisterzo committed to donating a portion of the profits from each pack of Hippeas sold to a charity called Farm Africa. Farm Africa is a charity that helps chickpea farmers in Africa. This means you are helping African farming each time you enjoy a fistful of Hippeas.

If you haven’t given Hippeas a try, now is the time to start. Livio Bisterzo has already received numerous fan letters regarding the product. After trying Hippeas, you might be the next one to write!

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