Raising Capital For Capital Group

When it comes to investing, beginning investors need guidance. This remains attributed to the uncertainty involved with investing. Moreover, experienced investors understand this concept. They understand that investing does not guarantee return investment. Investing requires investors to think outside of the box. Moreover, investing does not require an educational attainment. However, it does require the ability to utilize intuition. In addition, a few investors have managed to slither into prosperity. As risky as investing may seem, it serves as an excellent tool to build wealth. This remains true when an investor knows how to invest. With that being said, Warren Buffett and Timothy Armour remain among the world’s greatest investors.

For years, they have wowed the investment community with their infinite wisdom pertaining to investing. Moreover, both of them have amassed an insurmountable amount of wealth. To begin, Warren Buffet remains a legendary figure. For several decades, Warren Buffett has reigned supreme in the investment industry. At an early age, Warren Buffet knew that he remained destined for investing. With that being said, Warren Buffet possesses an impeccable investment strategy. Since he began, Buffet has utilized the same investment strategy. Moreover, Buffet’s investment strategy consisted of buying stocks long-term. Recently, Buffett challenged a group of hedge fund managers. Moreover, Buffet agreed to donate $1 million to charity if he did not achieve a better return on his investment than they did.

Fortunately, Warren Buffett remains victorious. In parallel, Timothy Armour remains an equally respected investor. For those unaware, Timothy Armour worked his way into the upper echelons of investing. This remains attributed to his profound work ethic and desire to succeed investment. For over 32 years, Timothy Armour dedicated his life to the betterment of Capital Group. Moreover, his hard work did not go unnoticed. As a result,

Timothy Armour currently serves as the company’s chairman. In addition, Timothy Armour serves as a role model to his colleagues. With that being said, Timothy Armour hails from an educational background. While at Middlebury College, Timothy Armour obtained a bachelor’s degree. In closing, Timothy Armour continues to wow his staff.

The Progressive Vision of Eric Lefkofsky

The world is a constantly changing place in every facet of its design. From the biospheres of the rainforest to the technological advances of humankind, the world continues its rapid changes without any halt. The mind of humankind needs to be the same way. To continue healthy progression, the human mind and spirit need to continue on a progressive path parallel to that of technology and the life around it. There are many men and women who are leading the charge in terms of progressive change. Whether they influence local markets or affect the world on a larger scale, every bit of forwarding action benefits us all.

One such progressive is Eric Lefkofsky. Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur best known as the CEO of the multi-million dollar e-commerce platform, Groupon. Groupon is a worldwide marketplace that offers a revolutionary way for small businesses to connect with their local customer base. Groupon provides its users with discounts and deals exclusive its platform which they can then use at local businesses. This allows local businesses to gain exposure to a new customer base and for customers to experience new services they may or may not have been aware of. As the CEO and co-founder of Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky helped produce a unique tool for small businesses to succeed. This is the type of progressive action that helps benefit the world. Groupon at one point was just an idea until Lefkofsky helped it grow by providing 1 million dollars in seed funding. Afterward Groupon grew to have a company worth of over 1 billion dollars in the stock market.

Eric Lefkofsky is also responsible for heading Tempus, a revolutionary data archival system which logs human genomic data. Genomic data is information taken from the human genome. Human genomes are large groupings of Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA. This genomic information is then reviewed along with clinical data to help provide physicians with a better understanding of their patient’s genetic history. Armed with this information, physicians are able to more accurately provide care for their patient’s needs. Because the technology is still in its younger stages, no one knows the limit of the technology Tempus is providing. It is difficult, complex and likely harrowing work, but the Tempus team led by Lefkofsky is providing a progressive change to the medical industry that will help patients for generations to come.


Madison Street Capital Ultimately Named a Finalist for the 15 Annual M&A Advisor Awards

The M&A Advisor has declared Chicago-headquartered global banking firm Madison Street Capital as a finalist for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards.

This award is widely recognized as a sign of grand accomplishment in the banking industry, and it rewards outstanding performance in deal making, restructuring, and financing.

According to a press release appearing on Benzinga, this international banking firm has been nominated for Industrial Deal of the Year as well as Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year-International. The former identified the role of Madison Street in facilitating the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. The acquisition was led by Karl D’Cunha, Madison Street Capital senior managing director.

Charles Botchway, Madison Street Capital founder and CEO, has said they are glad to have successfully helped Dowco, their longstanding client, with the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. Furthermore, they have been privileged to be in the running for Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year-International. This executive has also expressed satisfaction with the effort their experienced deal-makers are putting in their work across many different time zones to connect their clients with both emerging and growing businesses that can meet their various needs for long-term success.

The acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. was an intricate cross-border transaction, Karl D’Cunha, the firm’s senior managing director has said. This manager of the banking firm, however, added that they are pleased to be recognized for that accomplishment.

On Wed., Nov. 9, the winners of these awards will be named at the New York Athletic Club.

About Madison Street Capital, LCC

Madison Street Capital is among the leading providers of corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions advisory. The Chicago-based international banking firm has offices in North America, Asia, and Africa and draws on many years of experience to offer a variety of viable financial services that include business valuation, valuation for financial reporting, restructuring, middle investment banking, corporate advisory, and financial opinion services. This reputable financial organization has earned the loyalty of many clients across the world because of their steadfast dedication to high professional standards.

Having been in the global financial market for the last 11 years, since 2005, Madison Street Capital understands the diverse needs of their clients and relies on the effort of their specially trained and experienced professionals to meet them. Apart from working hard to meet the many needs of their clients, Madison Street Capital is also dedicated to providing philanthropic support to organizations the United Way. This premier middle market investment firm value corporate governance. And they are working diligently to make a difference within local and international communities.

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