Malcolm CasSelle and his Wok in WAX

OPSkins is a virtual trading organization and the number one trader of in-game assets. To host their transaction, the company launched their blockchain platform WAX, a marketplace managing OPSkins’ virtual assets trades using cryptocurrency. OPSkins’ Chief Information Officer (CIO) Malcolm CasSelle holds the position as President of WAX. Through the use of WAX, short for Worldwide Asset eXchange, OPSkins addresses two of the most prominent issues that arise when trading with virtual goods- fraud and fragmentation, and Malcolm CasSelle’s lacrosse camp.

Malcolm CasSelle was elected to be the President of the new platform as he has had decades of experience in operating businesses and growing them. Malcolm CasSelle has founded and co-founded a few companies such as Timeline Labs and PCCW which is based in HongKong. Timeline Labs was the first business that he created. The company was a provider solution for businesses to measure the engagement of their content based on what social signaling it had received. The Timeline Labs was later acquired by the much larger SeaChange Int’l. Malcolm Casselle had worked a the Chief Executive Officer of Timeline Labs but became the Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Sea Change Int’l after the acquisition.

The other corporation that Malcolm CasSelle helped to create is PCCW, a telecommunication company that is publically traded and based in Hong Kong. This partnership is hugely successful, having reached a worth of more than 35 billion dollars. Malcolm CasSelle helped grow the company from the very start, assisting in fundraising billions for the PCCW.

Over the course of his work, Malcolm CasSelle has been instrumental in growing a number of businesses. His portfolio includes the companies of Media Pas and Xfire. The first one provides large enterprises with digital subscription services and the second one is a joint venture of Group and Tencent. It is an extensive social network for gamers sporting more than 20 million users as of 2017. Previously, Malcolm CasSelle worked at companies such as Tronc as their Chief Technology Officer.

Malcolm CasSelle has accomplished two degrees in Computer Science. He has attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as well as the Stanford Universty. He speaks fluent Japanese and Mandarin, and his Website.

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo’s Running Of Grupa Televisa

There are many people who are at the heart of television production in the Spanish-speaking world, and one of those is Porifirio Sanchez Galindo. His work with Grupa Televisa has ensured that the company will have the best years of its life, and this article explains how he does what he does. Someone who watches TV often knows his work even if it is done behind the scenes.

#1: A Vision For The Company

Porifirio has a vision for the company that is quite strong and focused on the passions of their viewership. He wants all the people who watch his network to have something that they love to see, and his vision includes every sort of television imaginable. He does not wish to be one-dimensional when he works on programming, and he asks his staff to be as forward-thinking as possible in their work.

#2: Hiring The Right People

He has hired the right people many times over to run the company, and the people that are running the company under him do an excellent job of creating the programming and funding it. He is the man who makes final decisions where needed, and he prevents the company from taking the wrong path. Someone who is watching programming on Grupo Televisa will find that he has done a masterful job of building a company that is capable of running itself.

#3: Serving Spanish Speakers

Porifirio wishes to serve as many Spanish speakers as possible every year, and he believes that these people will have a much better chance of succeeding in life if they have role models on their television. He hopes to put out programming that will inspire those in the Hispanic world, and he knows that his network is quite influential when it releases programs to the public.

There are many people who may thank Porifirio for the work he has done, and they will continue to see the results of his work on the television when they change the channel. He has a passion for TV that goes beyond images to the heart and soul of his people.