Doug Levitt Continues His Never Ending Journey For “The Greyhound Diaries”

The leading music magazines and radio shows have recently been discovering the artistic work of Doug Levitt, who has been on an almost constant journey across the U.S. using a form of transportation usually reserved only for those who have little or no other options. “The Greyhound Diaries” has been a major success for Doug Levitt as he has launched a multimedia project, including writings, music, and photography; Levitt has gone so far as to launch a YouTube channel that he hopes will allow him the opportunity to bring his artistic vision to more people.

Doug Levitt launched “The Greyhound Diaries” in 2008 after earlier beginning a bus journey around California in a bid to raise awareness of the campaign of John Kerry for President in 2004. The overall journey taken by Levitt now tops 100,000 miles traveling through some of the most economically deprived areas of the U.S. where the bus is largely the only form of mass transportation available to people as they travel for fun or work. As the success of “The Greyhound Diaries” has increased the former journalist has performed at some of the leading musical institutions in the U.S., including the Woody Guthrie Center.

Doug Levitt was born in Washington D.C. to an important political family who have included local council members for the U.S. capital, which is an area Doug Levitt believes protected him from seeing the worst economic problems affecting the nation due to its consistently strong economic situation. After leaving education after completing his postgraduate studies at the London School of Economics, Doug Levitt began a successful career as an international correspondent that he believes still left him unaware of the social issues affecting the U.S. and much of the world.It was only when Doug decided to return to his first loves of art and music that he began exploring the U.S. outside the major metropolitan districts consistently covered by news media on network and cable channels. Doug identified the economic issues of the 2008 global financial breakdown before it became major news and believes many areas of the central U.S. have never recovered from the economic issue of the last decade.

Doug Levitt loves recording stories on Greyhound buses

Americans have millions of stories to tell. Every American has several stories of joy, struggle, and loss. These stories are incredibly compelling, but many of these stories go unrecorded. Millions of Americans live in poverty and they have very little voice. Few journalists journey into stories about poverty and struggle, but Doug Levitt knew that he could make an impact on society by recording these stories.

Doug has been in the world of journalism for many years. He started as a foreign correspondent. He enjoyed traveling the world and talking to people. Each person had a unique view on life, and Doug felt more educated because he had the opportunity to travel. Doug loved the job, but in the back of his head, there was something else he wanted to do. He loved America, and he knew he had not seen enough of it. He hadn’t had the opportunity to travel throughout the country and meet people. Ten years ago, Doug decided to start a major project.

Doug decided that he would travel throughout the country by Greyhound bus. He wanted to see America, and he knew there was no better way to see the country than by bus. Doug also knew that many of the unheard voices in America rode Greyhounds. Greyhound buses are a popular travel option for poor people. Doug was excited to travel the country and record the stories of Greyhound bus passengers.

Ten years have passed, and Doug has traveled more than 100,000 miles by Greyhound bus. During this time he has recorded hundreds of stories from his journey. He records his stories in poetry, music, and prose. He regularly updates his Greyhound Diaries blog with new and exciting stories. He has a rabid fanbase that loves taking in his stories. Doug has released two EP’s filled with songs from his stories. Doug is always amazed by the stories he discovers while riding Greyhound buses. He sees this project as a never-ending labor of love, and he looks forward to doing it for years to come.

America has many stories to tell, and Doug Levitt is happy to record these stories.

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