The Evolution of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a big force in the Engineering world but his talents do not stop there. Bonar has worked with incredible companies throughout his career before using the entrepreneur inside of him and branching out on his own. The first company Bonar, worked for was IBM, were he was a manager who outsourced motherboards.

After being with IBM, Brian Bonar join QMS as a Director of Engineering where he managed over 100 engineers for about 4 years. Him and his team were involved in the software and hardware development of that company. In his next job as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Rastek Corporation, Bonar crossed into a different industry.

The Rastek Corporation dealt with printing technology and provided it to people all over the world. After being involved with printer technology, he went to Adaptec as a Sales Manager. In this position, Brian Bonar had to interact with a lot of major printer manufactures in Korea and Japan. A year after joining Adaptec, Brian Bonar left working for others behind and start Bezier Systems in 1994 where he held the position of founder and chairman.

Bonar was the first to produce and sell a SCSI based printer. Brian Bonar eventually went back to work at ITEC as Vice President of Sales and Marketing where he found himself involve with Korea and Japan again. He stayed with ITEC for 4 years and then wanted to change his career to something new. So, he went to Allegiant as President and assisted the company with growth in sales and marketing. Bonar also founded and managed his Sa Diego based company AMS

Outsourcing and he also held the position of Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Service where Bonar focused on improving their management strategy and increasing their direct sales. To top everything off, Bonar is also the Chairman and CEO of Trucept, a company that insurances products and temporary staff for companies.

Brian Bonar is also The Chief Executive Officer of Imaging Technologies Corporation where they develop color management software and digital imaging hardware. Bonar latest partnership, comes with his acquisition of Source One Group which is a company that helps other companies with payroll and human resources.

Throughout all the history Brian Bonar has made, he only wanted to help his client, co-workers and partners reached their ultimate goals. Due to his career, Bonar has gained experience in many industries like multifamily housing and retail commercial. He holds over three decades of experience in the field of management.

He has been involved in numerous programs like employee benefits and risk management insurance. Due to his hard work, Bonar won the prestige’s The Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year in the Finance division.