Brad Reifler – An Undisputed Champion in the Financial World

The list of America’s great entrepreneurs in the financial industry cannot be complete without reference to Brad Reifler. As the title of this article indicates, he is an undisputed champion in the world of mega finances. Presently, his name is synonymous with ForeFront Capital, a giant financial and capital investment company and a reputable firm of undisputed high-flying capital management where he is both the founder and CEO.

Brad Reifler has many feathers to his cap in the complex web of the world’s financial service industry. Before captaining ForeFront Capital, he has previously held various enviable positions in other equally reputable giants in this industry.

For instance, Brad Reifler was a trader of astounding performance and reputation at REFCO before moving up the ladder to serve as the CEO, chairman and founding partner of Pali Capital where he steadily and successfully held the helms for over 13 years from 1995 through to 2008.

According to Crunchbase, the springboard that shot Brad Reifler to great heights of financial capital management was Reifler Trading Company, a corporation that executed and engaged in global derivatives.

This was way back in 1992, a period during which the financial firm grew in leaps and bounds to raise revenue of over $200 million in profits from branches scattered globally from the US to Europe and down to Australia. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Since then, the sky has been the limits for this investment finance guru and armed with his serial entrepreneurial skills, he presently nurtures and creates solid asset management personnel for capital institutions specializing in investment management. He also provides high-quality investment consultancy services besides being a skilled manager for hedge funds.

Bloomberg revealed that to many start-up capital investment companies, Brad Reifler is a household name because he provides invaluable advice for the recruitment of human resource and marketing personnel.

His role as a capital investment career advisor is inviolate. His other financial attributes include: A directorship at Sino Mercury Company and Wins Finance Holdings amongst others.