Could Traveling Vineyards Be A Boon To Someone’s Bottom Line?

Traveling Vineyard is becoming a more popular, extra income option for anyone that is interested in hosting wine parties and selling wine. But how does it work? What are the overall benefits of participation?

Well, Traveling Vineyard operates the same way that having a wine testing would, except it is usually in the Wine Guides home.

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If someone signs up to be a Wine Guide, they pay for the startup kit which includes everything needed for a tasting, including ten bottles of wine, which is enough for two tasting parties, wine glasses, paperwork for ordering, and a Sommology Kit that teaches the basics of wine pairings. The cost of the success kit is $189.00, but if the party generates a large volume of wine orders, the bottles get credited back to Traveling Vineyards and the Wine Guide pays nothing. There is complete training online and the new Wine Guide will receive a mentor in their area to help answer any questions they may have.

The benefits to the Traveling Vineyard are numerous: well first the person signing up can work when they want to work and tastings will take only a few hours. Secondly, the Wine Guide will submit the orders and then they don’t have to do anything else, it’s hassle free. Thirdly, the Wine Guide will earn up to 35% of the sales they accrue with each wine tasting.

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