David McDonald’s Journey to a Global Leader

OSI Group prides in an incredible development since the turn of the millennium. David McDonald has stayed with the company for more than 30 years. He is the current president as well as the chief operating officer of OSI Group. OSI Group started as a butcher shop by a German immigrant in Chicago. Some decades later, the company has risen to become a global leader in food production. The company has 65 branches in 17 countries. It has acquired and joined ventures in the United States as well as across the world. David McDonald joined the company in its early stages. David grew up in Iowa. He went to Iowa State University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science.

Currently, McDonald heads one of the most successful privately owned companies in the United States. He is still an active member of the Iowa State community. He is actively involved in the University’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. He generously supports Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship fund. Additionally, David has played a significant role in developing internship opportunities for OSI Group’s ICU students. His active involvement in the internship opportunities led him to gain an ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award, recognition for his activism with the alumni association. McDonald has six children with his wife, Malinda.

Two of his elder kids attend ISU. David McDonald has played a significant role in the acquisition of Baho by OSI Group. Baho is a Dutch food organization that offers snacks and deli meats for the retail and European food service industries. Additionally, David has helped OSI Group in acquiring Flagship Europe which is currently known as Food Europe which supplies high-quality bespoke products. McDonald has expertise in food production logistics with immense knowledge working with local suppliers, government agencies, and retailers across the world.Growing in Iowa as a farm boy looks like not the right environment to have nurtured such a great talent but starting to work in the food processing industry from a younger age influenced his managerial skills that are now evident in his career. Currently, David McDonald is the chairman of North American Meat Institute.