Goldstein Helps Fountain House

The group known as The Fountain House recently hosted a major event. The group hosted their annual Fall Fête. This is a unique event that is focused on educating young professionals about the services and model that the groups has toward mental health issues. They are also focused on changing the negative stereotypes commonly associated with mental illness. The event was lead by a host of well known chairs including Byrdie Bell,Kathleen and Reha Kocatas, and Jeremy L. Goldstein.


Fountain House’s Fall Fête had a very detailed program. The program focused on t producing scholarships, a process which began in 2011. Fountain House has used such projects to make a tremendous impact on the community. Each year the group gives out two scholarships to people who have been impacted by mental illness. The company is aware of the millions of people whose lives are impacted by illness. More than twenty million people are affected by mental illness in the U.S. alone. The stigma can be hard to shake for many.


Jeremy L. Goldstein knows a thing or two about helping others. For the last decade he has been involved in some of the biggest transactions around. He has worked with and for major companies such as IBM, Goodrich, Bank of America Corporation, MBNA Corporation and the Chevron Texaco Corporation. Goldstein currently runs his own boutique law firm that is focused on advising leaders especially major issues that affect the growth of the company. His leaderships skills have made him a very respected businessman. He continues to be innovative in his field.


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