MB2 Dental: A Place Where Patient Comes First

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is an active practitioner with a dream of promoting the corporate dentistry and sole-practitioner sides of dental industry. And to achieve this dream he founded MB2 Dental. He started his company to furnish vital support without negotiating on the integrity for his beloved profession. Recognizing that dental doctors required specialized assistance that did not come with strings attached, Chris founded MB2 Dental. Since then, this firm has supported doctors at no less than seventy locations that are affiliated with MB2 Dental across six states and has 533 employees. The close leadership of MB2 looks forward to the ongoing trend of excellence.


Management networks of typical dental practice are like conventional dental practices: Dr. Chris created MB2 Dental so as bring something that is completely new in the field focusing on other than profit margins. He built this company to be a dentist-owned firm that is focused on support, personal growth, and autonomy and having fun together. MB2 Dental assists practices make improvements which value patients who patronize them. Such innovations encourage improved operating standards which lead to happier practitioners and that facilitate the growth of the healthy organic business.


MB2 Dental Solutions provides knowledge, guidance, and personalized systems and offering services to seventy independently operated and owned dental offices in New Mexico, Alaska, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. The vision of MB2 Dental is to build a community where dental doctors can focus on what they best do in their respective field: giving exceptional dental care to patients so patients can feel that they are investing money on right medical center and their health is in right hands. At MB2 Dental they believe that helping clients with a business aspect lets them focus their time and energy on meeting the needs of every patient individually.


When Villanueva graduated from dental school, he has only two options for dentists such as either join a group practice such as shared best practices, economies of scale, CE availability, state of the art technology, etc.). Or he can begin a private practice such as less bureaucracy, complete clinical autonomy, ownership, etc. He is a social person, and because of that he always speaks with anyone to know about the idea that he can use for his business. He once said that he is excited about the role that modern technology is playing, and crucially, the role it’ll play in the dental industry.