Rodrigo Terpins, Business Leader

In September 2017, Track Sale held the 4th edition of its Customer Experience Summit. The annual event saw over 800 entrepreneurs and managers debate techniques and tools that aid in the quality of the customer shopping experience. Most were in full agreement that one of the most important things for leaders in the retail industry was a strong liking for your customers. But it was unanimously agreed that in order for a business to succeed, it must discover what pleases its customers. All were also agreed that keeping on eye on developing technology is imperative to retail entrepreneurs and managers.


Technology is especially important to today’s retail world especially considering the steady rise in popularity of online shopping. Tomas Duarte, the CEO of Track Sale, pointed out that smartphones are also an increasingly important technological area. Other areas of technology that was agreed will greatly affect retail operations is drones, which experts say will be making the majority of deliveries in the future. But as important an impact that technology has and will continue to have on the retail scene, customer relations remained the main concentration of the summit. For more details



Nevertheless, it was recognized that customer relations and technology are increasingly intertwined. One of the primary speakers at the summit that year was Rodrigo Terpins. Terpins has stated that, for instance, technology is beginning to be able to do facial readings that can assist in reading a customer’s mood. And this only one technology innovation that aids in helping retailers improve their customer’s experience.


Rodrigo Terpins is one of the founding partners of the Brazilian sustainability company, Floresvale. As a highly involved leader, he is committed to staying connected 24/7 so that he can effectively lead and run his business at all times. He says that he still leads in cooperation with his partners. They communicate often to decide on correct courses of action.