Securus Video Chat

A Securus Christmas Visit

The video opens with a little boy speaking to his father, who is in jail. The little boy is excited because it is Christmas morning. He is speaking with his father, telling him that he just woke up and wishes him a Merry Christmas. His father asks him if he has gotten the chance to open his presents yet — to which the little boy replies that he hasn’t. This is where the magic of the video truly unfolds.

Thanks to the magic of technology that Securus provides, the little boy is able to go downstairs live on video and begin opening his Christmas presents a one-on-one while his father watches on. He thinks his father for the presence and shows so much excitement about each and every one that he received. As you might tell, this is something that could have never happened in the past, but now that Securus has issued video chat technology, they are able to provide details and prisons with the infrastructure to communicate with their loved ones, even on Christmas morning.

How does this work?

Depending on the place you are loved one is incarcerated, they might have access to video chat capability thanks to Securus. with this technology, they can connect to a call and begin chatting with you live and in person via video technology. This is an enhancement that takes it much further than previous technology, so you are not simply relying on phone calls to speak with your loved one.

What are the benefits?

Visits to a jail can be grueling and somber. With video chat, you get the benefit of speaking to your loved one without having to actually show up in person. Because of this, Christmas morning can be a wonderful experience and children get to be reunited with their incarcerated loved one. This is particularly important because Christmas forges a lot of memories that parents will want to experience with their children, despite the fact that they are locked behind bars. The technology that Securus has implemented allows this to happen and bridge the gap between being incarcerated and spending time and creating memories on Christmas morning.

What should I know about the video chat?

This technology is available in more than 2,600 institutions in more than 40 states. To learn whether your loved one has access to it, reach out to the institution to learn more or visit Securus Technologies’ web site for further information.