Unanswered Questions About Zika Cases

The Venezuelan government has come under a lot of fire and has been dealing with a lot of things lately, including a drought and a shortage of food and medicine in the country, but they are also being heavily speculated against when it comes to the issue of the Zika virus. While the Zika virus is something that Norka Luque and a huge amount of other Venezuelans have been worried about, the government has continually stated that the number of cases are fairly low, and also that the cases of microcephaly have been remaining about the same. However, there is a lot of speculation by Norka Luque and others that the government has not been reporting all of the cases thru Linked In to the public, which has people in the country of Venezuela wondering if there really is a threat to the people or not. These worries are based on the fact that it is fairly well known that the Venezuelan government likes to keep tight lips about major issues that may affect that well being of the population. However, when it comes to the total number of Zika cases that have been popping up in South America, one of the good things for Venezuela is the fact that they are fairly low on the list of total cases.



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