Waiakea water is saving lives one bottle at a time

Hawaii has recently decided to roll out an exclusive quality water brand known as Waiakea water. This product is so fresh that it comes from icecaps. The crystal clear water present in each Waiakea product comes naturally cleaned by many thousands of feet of volcanic matter. Waiakea water that ends up being consumed by humans is full of electrolytes and minerals needed to survive.

Some of the handful of electrolytes used are in this product are sodium, calcium, and magnesium. Each Waiakea bottle is loaded with alkaline, which helps produce that sweet taste. The pH levels of this product can vary anywhere from 7 to 9. Any other pure water brand should have a pH of 7. The main difference between this brand and other brand is how all the alkaline minerals dissolve.

This Hawaiian brand of water was created in 2012. Years after creation, Waiakea has grown over 4000%. The growth of these environmentally friendly water products continues to build up the Waiakea company. This brand goes above and beyond just an average bottle of water at the store. It is more about building a healthy environment for everyone.

Waiakea water will continue its goal to help preserve water qualities around the world and help the poorer countries get access to clean water. All of the packaging that this company uses for their bottles come from recycled plastic materials. According to Baby Boomster, Waiakea water is considered to be the start of carbon neutral products in Hawaii.

Closet Samples reveals that every one liter of water sold by Waiakea water helps donate 650 liters of clean water to the poorer countries that are struggling to find water. The company could not do this without the help of Pump Aid.

Waiakea spring can be seen on television and several news websites. Check out their brand on Forbes, Good Morning America, People magazine and others. Waiakea water constantly gets a lot of new coverage and several awards for the greatest quality and best packaging. They continue to get honored for being responsible and caring. The standards that they set are very high. All of the packaging that they use is safe and easy to reuse.

If everyone does their part to keep the environment clean and reuse as much water as possible the world can become a better place. All of the pollutants in the world make it much harder to find pure water. Pick up a Waiakea bottle today and compare the difference for yourself.