James Dondero the Philanthropist Made New Hippo Outpost at Dallas Zoo Possible

James Dondero is not the typical entrepreneur because he has done philanthropist since he started his business. Dondero started a foundation in the Dallas area that has made an impact on the area and has made large improvements. This foundation, as well as Donfero’s, supports a non-governmental organization like The Dallas Zoo, The Family Zoo, The Perot Museum of Art, SMU’s Tower Scholars Program and Science Education is Freedom. His foundation is called the Highland Dallas Foundation, the philanthropic wing of Highland Capital Management. Dondero believes that his management company invests to an organization that advances the Dallas area in special ways.

Dondero does have a strategy behind his philanthropic activities. He makes sure that non-profit organization s unite to have a greater impact. One of his recent charity projects was given large amounts of money to one of the Dalla Zoo to one of their most recent exhibits. 18 years go, they had to eliminate the hippo habitat despite its habitat. When their oldest hippopotamus named Papa died, the management of the zoo felt that the habitat was no longer necessary. This did not sit well with the residents of Dallas. Despite their unhappiness, the habitat remained closed for a while. Recently, the management at the Dallas Zoo did finally listen to the concerns of Dallas residents.

The zoo leaders would make a new hippo habitat that was more modern in design. The problem is that the zoo needed $14 million to build a new habitat. With the help of Dondero, the zoo was able to build a new habitat that would now be known as the Simmons Hippo Output. Gregg Hudson, the CEO, and president of the Dallas Zoo feels that the new outpost is a sign that his organization has matured and that it can get support from the philanthropic circles in Dallas. Dondero says that the Zoo is just the kind of organization that his foundation likes to support. He is very glad to assist the Dallas Zoo to have new educational opportunities and to get people to experience the new outpost. The new hippo outpost showed how Dondero could improve the city of Dallas for its residents.

“Marc Beer of Renovia Supports the Fundraiser to Help Women to Battle Pelvic Floor Disorders “

The pelvic floor has ligaments as well as connective tissues in the pelvis. It also supports a person’s organs including the bladder, rectum, and uterus among others. The pelvic floor muscles prevent the mentioned organs from falling off the body. They also assist the organ to function properly. Generally, a pelvic floor disorder refers to a weakened pelvic muscle as well as a tear in the connective tissue. Therefore, a damaged pelvic floor can’t function as usual by providing the needed support that your organs need. As the structure becomes weak, the general functioning of the bladder, vagina, as well as uterus can be intensely affected. There are multiple causes of pelvic floor disorders. Scientists and researchers have invested in the research. Some reasons why people, particularly women, develop pelvic floor disorders include health conditions and spinal injury. Consequently, 25 percent of women in the world suffer from these disorders. Many people struggle with urinary incontinence.

Background Information

Recently, Marc Beer of Renovia Inc. moved forward with multiple products for the treatment of pelvic floor disorders. The fundraiser closed $42 million in Series B funding as well as venture debt. The Medtech company has been developing different diagnostic as well as therapeutic products with the intention of treating pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence. Some of the products include researchers based on the data indicating that pelvic floor disorders affect about 250 million in the world. Leva, Renovia’s first product has also received the approval of the FDA. This implies that the recent fundraiser that was supported by Longwood Fund, a prominent investment firm that is healthcare-based and Perceptive Advisers will be forwarded toward developing as well as testing four additional therapeutic products for the same cause. There will also be a new lead generation of Leva.

Working with Likeminded Individuals

Marc Beer added that his company was thrilled to receive support from some of the world’s leading healthcare investors who also share the vision of the firm to offer better diagnosis, treat as well as improve millions of women’s lives who have been affected by pelvic floor disorders. The CEO of Renovia also added that his company is using innovative as well as proprietary sensor technologies to form a stable platform that will offer customers better and affordable treatment. Moreover, the platform will provide greater knowledge as well as the drive toward new treatment options and expertise on pelvic floor disorders and treatment. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/leadership/

Personal Profile

For more than 20 years, Marc Beer has been commercializing biotechnology, diagnostic as well as various device industries. That’s why in 2000, he became the head of ViaCell, a major biotechnology firm specializing in the development as well as preservation and collection of the blood stem cells of umbilical cord.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Plastic Surgeon in Dallas

Plastic surgery is a thriving aspect of the medical industry. Millions of people elect to have plastic surgery each year. There are also various medical benefits of utilizing cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar owns a thriving cosmetic surgery practice in Dallas. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has decades of experience in the industry. Clients enjoy going to his business for multiple reasons. Not only does he have affordable prices, but he also takes the time to explain each procedure to customers.

Starting a Company

Starting a cosmetic surgery business is harder than most people realize. When Dr. Jejurikar founded his company, he experienced several months of financial losses. It takes time to build a large client base, even when a business is based in a thriving city. Dallas now has dozens of plastic surgery centers for people to choose. When Dr. Jejurikar moved to Dallas, he was the first cosmetic surgery business in town. It took time for people to get accustomed to routine cosmetic procedures.

Challenges and Successes

With his thriving practice, Dr. Jejurikar’s biggest struggle is seeing all of his clients. He has thought about hiring another cosmetic surgeon to help with the work. Dallas is a booming city, and with additional people moving to the area he expects to be even busier.

Dr. Jejurikar’s most significant success is making his company profitable. He is so financially successful that he can offer free cosmetic work to people who have suffered significant health issues. He is also a prominent member of the Dallas community.

How Is DAMAC Owner Husain Sajwan Touching Lives Across The World Through Philanthropy?

Born and bred in a humble home in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani is understands the essence of creating opportunities for others through charity. Currently one of the richest Arab natives, and also one of the most affluent people in the world, Damac founder and owner, Hussain Sajwani recently has taken to philanthropy as his way of giving back to the community. Just recently, he donated $2 million which is meant to benefit children from needy backgrounds around the world.

Promoting better living conditions

The DAMAC Owner, through his company, has always been at the forefront of promoting better living standards for the needy in Dubai. He is constantly rallying behind government and other non-governmental organizations and helping them achieve their goals through financial aid.

For instance, his recent donation will help clothe over 50,000 kids in different parts of the world. The clothing campaign to which Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) made the donation to was established in 1983 to help poor families gain access to basic needs in life like clothing. He would also promote campaign among his peers who also came out to support the move and in effect pushed up the total contributions towards the campaign to over AED 120 million.

An inside look at Hussain Sajwani’s life

Hussain’s family laid so much emphasis on entrepreneurship and hard work. Skills that the young would pick and lean on as he sailed through life. This hard work in school was particularly impactful it helped him earn an educational scholarship to study in the US.

He used this as a bridge to his success and after completing his engineering degree, he came back to Dubai where he worked for Abu Dhabi industries for a year. After a while, he set off on his own and established a catering business which thanks to his top-notch entrepreneurial skills, hardworking nature and experience garnered while working at Abu Dhabi flourished within a short while.

He later ventured in real estate by establishing DAMAC properties that has since earned him a fortune and made him an authority figure in the world. Today, Hussain Sajwani now is knee-deep in the real estate and hospitality industry where he owns a chain of hotels as well as residential and commercial properties all over the world.

Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJxJrIkRTzk

Jason Hope: A Futuristic Look At Aging Process

For technology futurist Jason Hope, aging should not be considered as a permanent state of degradation of human cells and a risk factor for a wide array of aging-related diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease among others.

Drawing from his experience an entrepreneur in the biotechnology industry, Jason Hope has dedicated his time and financial resources towards reversing aging. His dedication to finding the mythical fountain of youth has seen him donate millions of dollars to finance anti-aging research. One of the primary beneficiaries of the Scottsdale-based serial entrepreneur is SENS Research Foundation: a non-profit organization dedicated to rejuvenation and regenerative research.

The novel biotechnology idea that Jason Hope is passionately supporting has futuristic touch. Scientists at SENS Foundation are working on a technology aimed at reversing the aging process by targeting the process that accelerates human cells degradation: deposition of metabolic wastes. Over time, these wastes build up in the cells especially under the skin and within muscles cells leading to accelerated aging of cells. The funds donated by Hope and other investors will be used to expand SENS Research Foundation’s research capacity including the establishment of new research facilities in the United Kingdom. Additionally, the funds will help the foundation in developing its research to new areas such as AGE breakers which is youth-restoring biotechnology that aims at reducing cardiovascular stiffness associated with aging.

Academic Background: The Making of a Philanthropic Tech Specialist

Hope holds a B.S. degree from Arizona State University. He specialized in finance during her studies at the university and later received his MBA from his alma mater’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He is a successful serial investor who has founded several companies. In addition to actively participating in the daily management activities of his companies, Jason Hope also participates and supports various philanthropic activities including lending his expertise to Arizona Science Center as a director. Other beneficiaries of charitable donations include Teach For America and Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

Despite specializing in finance during his university studies, Jason Hope has developed a keen interest in emerging technologies. One such technology that he has predicted as the technology of the future is the Internet of Things. The technology offers greater connectivity between internet-enabled home appliances. He is the author of a book on the topic and has highlighted its potential benefits.

Benefit Of Home Massage Chairs

After a hectic but busy daily schedule, the body is in need of relaxation. Just sitting down in front of the television will not ease those tired achy muscles. Many people are bothered with muscle pain due to the type of work that they do, and some people may have health conditions that cause the body to ache at various times. It is often too time consuming, or inconvenient, to go to a regular massage therapist, so body muscles get neglected. Instead of sitting and wishing the pain and aches would go away, having a full body massage chair would be the most comfortable solution.

Massage chairs are found in many locations, and in businesses that cater to the public. They can be found in hair and nail salons, medical offices, malls, and in some private businesses. Massage chairs are now available for home use. There are wide selections from which to choose with comfort levels to fit any need. Get a full body massage chair that soothes from the neck down to the feet, or choose a chair that only provides a massage for the back. Get a chair that compliments any home decor, and place it in the most accommodating area of the home.

The entire family will want to have a turn using the massage chair. It is great for relieving stress related to work or school, or just the every day type of stress associated with taking care of family and home. With a massage chair in the home, there is no time limit on the amount of relief that can be obtained, or how many times it can be used, especially on the weekends. Regular usage of the massage chair can provide many health benefits for anyone who may have debilitating joint and muscle ailments. Having regular massages will also help improve blood circulation. Your text to link…

Unlike the massage chairs found in businesses the home massage chairs come in relaxing reclining styles. Lay back and receive the ultimate way to pamper the body and feet. A reclining massage chair will give the comfort of lying in bed getting finger tip massage. The home massage chairs are reasonably priced. Some vendors even offer a percent off the already low price. This is a very good investment for the home and the body. Every one’s body deserves the pleasure of a good massage, and there is no better, or convenient, way to get one than a home massage chair.

Massage chairs are designed to reach all trigger points for a safe way to relieve tension. When considering the purchase of a massage chair, compare they way that they feel by having a demonstration at the source of purchase. The store will give you all of the special features of the chair, and provide you with choices of colors and chair designs. Make an investment on your body by treating it with regular full body massages with a home massage chair that is guaranteed to please. You can also visit the site https://massagechaircompare.com for more info.

Whitney Wolfe Bumble Online Dating App Successful Journey

Bumble online dating app has been gaining many subscribers with time. It is brought about a legal battle with the other online dating apps. Whitney Wolfe Herd is the founder of this app. He launched this app with the aim of empowering women. This app established a venture fund meant for female founders. It has also started exploring an initial public offering. It also prohibited photos of guns on its app, and it also pulled down an advert that was supporting sexual assault survivors but emphasized on skincare instead. The company instilled all this while still developing and expanding dating, connection and intermingling app, Bumble.

At an onstage at fortunes which is the most effective and powerful women summit in Laguna Niguel, Calif, Whitney Wolfe stated that they currently have an outstanding opportunity. She noted that have 41 Million certified subscribers and were still getting to the iceberg with what they were capable of doing. She also that everything that their subscribers have laid out is a great effort that helps them to chase on their dream. Whitney Wolfe took a step together with her mother in the audience an hour later after Mandy Ginsberg, the CEO, Chief Executive Officer of Match as well as her current legal opponent when she introduced news on her Bumble app that will be expanding to India with the support of Priyanka Chopra, the new investor, and adviser. Bumble Founder/CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd Joins Imagine Entertainment Board

Whitney Wolfe pointed out that no one has adequate trust f women in case you have an idea of the landscape in India. Women want to be internationally empowered, and they also want to experience international safety and security as well as relate and connect with people from all over the world. Her announcement about the new Bumble app resulted in incredible success. It even emerged as the hottest topic and made headlines on that day. Earlier that day, Ginsberg stated that she admired Whitney Wolfe Herd and his new online gating app, Bumble regardless of their rivalry and disagreements in business and Whitney quickly accepted it. Also, Whitney added that you do not destroy each other as a woman under any substance even though you are opponents and competitors, but you can be at odds as business leaders. Bumble Founder Whitney Wolfe’s Whirlwind Wedding Was a True Celebration of Southern Italy

GreenSky Credit forms out of failure of home renovation business mode

Carl Icahn, one of the greatest investors in history, said that the most money is made doing the simplest things. It’s almost hard to believe that in today’s highly technological society, where every possible edge seems to be instantly spotted by the tech overlords and exploited to the maximum, any serious market inefficiency could exist in plain sight, right in front of the eyes of some of the most powerful retail firms in the country.

But that is exactly the situation that led to the formation of GreenSky Credit. Founder David Zalik, a former child prodigy and precocious entrepreneur, who had made his first $5 million by the age of 22, spotted an almost inconceivable flaw in the way that many home remodeling companies were doing business.

Zalik saw that a large number of customers were severely underestimating the true final costs of home renovations. When they got the true estimate, they either experienced sticker shock severe enough to drive them off, or they simply didn’t have the liquid funds on hand to complete the projects.

Not just washers and dryers

In most retail situations, when a creditworthy customer ends up not having enough cash on hand to complete a purchase, there are a plethora of financing options that can save the sale. These include in-house financing, manufacturer instalment plans, and putting the item on a credit card. However, when the items being sold are complex home renovation projects, which often entail a combination of both goods and services, these options were not available for the full cost of the project.

In fact, for projects in the five- and six-figure range, virtually no consumers had the necessary credit limit to put those transactions on their credit cards. And instalment financing for these projects simply didn’t exist.

This is the market niche that GreenSky Credit has filled. GreenSky Credit offers point-of-sale financing that is truly instant in nature. GreenSky customers are either approved or denied on the spot, for the full amount of the loan. This means that GreenSky borrowers can be approved for loans as high as the $300,000s on the spot, allowing projects to move forward immediately that would have likely been permanently shelved.


Review of Interview with NewsWatch TV Executive Producer Andrew Tropeano

Andrew Tropeano recently sat down with Interview to discuss his success with the award winning television show NewsWatch TV. Andrew began his path to a career in journalism early in life as he looked on his fathers career in the field with interest and admiration. He received his degree in Broadcast Journalism from American University and then went on to obtain his Masters in Business from New York University. He joined NewsWatch TV in 2010 and has risen through the ranks to become an executive producer and host of the show. He credits patience and passion for his success and hopes to continue to bring NewsWatch TV to more and more viewers with better content and quality. When he is not hard at work on the show Andrew enjoys sports, especially soccer, and spending time in the outdoors. His advice to aspiring journalists is to never give up.

NewsWatch TV is a morning consumer news program that keeps viewers informed on news, technology, business and celebrities. It has been on the air for over twenty years and continues to reach more and more viewers. Over the last several years it has become an outlet for celebrities to come and voice their opinions on the issues of the day or causes that they support. They also focus on reviewing the latest tech products to help keep consumers informed. NewsWatch TV continues to be a success and quality source of news with the passion and foresight of Executive Producer and host Andrew Tropeano at the helm.

Find out more about NewsWatch TV Reviews: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3983740/

Fortress Investment Group Becomes Top Assest Manager

From the beginning Fortress Investment Group was created to be a trendsetter in the world of asset management. Since 1998, the private equity firm has been leading the way in this competitive space. In 2007, the firm was the first privately equity firm of its size to go public. The company is global. Thousands of clients are services by them. These clients are diversified in location and investments. The company prides itself on being the best advisor and manager of private equity, low risk investment strategies, capital vehicles and hedge funds. The company is ran out of New York City and employees hundreds of people.

Managing forty three billion dollars of assets is no easy job. But Fortress Investment Group has managed to become a top company that handles the assets of the ultra wealthy. The company is also a partner in many other private equity firms. From transportation to healthcare to infrastructure, Fortress Investment Group is responsible for many different types of companies and properties. Brightline is one of their major projects. They acquired this railway company that has taken Florida by storm. Brightline has paid off as a good investment for the asset management company due to many Floridians and tourists using Brightline’s transportation services. The private equity company’s efforts can be seen in Times Square. They purchased a property alongside with other investors. They are revamping a property to be a luxury traveler’s ultimate destination for eating, lodging and entertainment.

Innovation has been the reason why Fortress Investment Group has been able to provide such great service to their customers. Asset based investing, capital markers, operations management, corporate mergers and industry knowledge are the core areas the asset manager focuses on. The firm knows a lot about industry knowledge. Because of this knowledge the advisors working for the firm are able to guide investors down the right road with working with business leaders. Mergers and acquisitions are made possible because of the firm’s networking connections. Operations management and capital markets is something the firm is known firm. Lastly, asset based investing strategies have made this firm popular.

Learn more: https://www.inc.com/profile/fortress-investment-group