Doug Levitt Looks to Bring the Stories of the World to the Public with “The Greyhound Diaries”

“The Greyhound Diaries” has proven to be fertile ground for the musician and artist Doug Levitt as he navigates a wide range of issues thrown at him by the people of the U.S. at the harshest end of society. Doug Levitt uses his skills as a journalist to engage the people he meets on the Greyhound Bus and discuss their lives in a way that explores the way society has left them behind; Levitt believes that by taking a Greyhound bus across the U.S. he is seeing how issues like poverty, mental illness, and addiction affect individuals in a way that cannot be expressed by simply looking at statistics.

As a former international correspondent for CNN, Doug Levitt has seen many different aspects of the global society and believes the issues facing those at the sharp end of society often have their problems ignored by the mainstream media. Levitt believes his web series, music, book, and liver performances provide a glimpse into the real lives of people who are often ignored by the majority in the U.S. Over the course of more than a decade Doug Levitt has looked to meet as many different people as possible as he rode Greyhound buses as he feels the major problems of social inequality can be seen in their most extreme levels as the majority who choose to ride the bus do so because they have little other option and more information click here.

Doug Levitt has lived an interesting and successful life that has taken him to a number of major cities around the world that began when the former journalist moved to the U.K. to study at the London School of Economics. The educational career of Doug Levitt shows how he has been seeking answers to a number of major questions that included his studies of the universe at Cornell University and what Doug knows.

After leaving his role as an international correspondent Doug Levitt began focusing on his music career with a move to Nashville, Tennessee where he has worked on a range of musical projects. “The Greyhound Diaries” music has included contributions by former Counting Crows musician Steve Bowman.