Francisco Domenech A Popular Politician in Puerto Rico

Francisco Domenech is a Puerto Rico native who’s political career dates back to 2003. He has made significant contributions during his time with the Young Puerto Rico Democrats also know as YPRD, in which he spent his time between being president and Democratic Committee Man. He was very active in YPRD while there and his contributions still resonate throughout the organization values and representation. Moreover, Francisco Domenech has volunteered countless hours campaigning and supporting meaningful causes for the people of his country. As well as offering his support to Hillary Clinton in both of her runs for presidency,which consisted of holding fundraisers and managing her campaign. At the time, he was managing campaigns in both Puerto Rico and The United States, which proved Domenech as a politician that has duel flexibility with running multiple campaigns successfully. More about of Francisco Domenech at Caribbean Business

In turn this has heightened his level of support because of the peoples confidence in his ability to bring awareness to pertinent issues within their communities. He is a devoted philanthropist and a managing partner with Politank, which is a minority owned group whom he works with to support the interests of various groups withing the Puerto Rico community. Politank is a group that has been a successful liaison for corporations looking to have a representation of the core values of their businesses to state agencies and the government; many fortune 100 companies have been represented with leading results. Francisco Domenech has been a political heavy weight within the Puerto Rico community for many years now, and he has an outstanding track record dating all back to his days with YPRD. He is still going above and beyond to assist and advocate for his community; therefore, it came as no surprise in 2016 that he received the popular vote for the “40 under 40″ in Caribbean Business.

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