Getting to Know Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Lee Walden was born 45 years ago in the state of Texas. Since then, she has gone on to become one of the most respected plastic surgeons in the US and on earth. Other than medicine, Jennifer Walden is an academician and has authored a book. She is also a media commentator, entrepreneur and a consultant for cosmetic companies in the US. She is known as the founder and owner of Walden Surgery Center that is located in Austin, Texas. She has received several awards and nominations over the years such as being named one of the best 24 beauty surgeon in America by Harper’s Bazaar.


Jennifer Walden has been mentored by Sherrell Aston, and the two have worked together in Manhattan at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital for many years. She often appears on several media platforms to talk about plastic surgery. These platforms include ABC News, Dr. 90210 and Fox News. She sits on several boards such as the Modern Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Editorial Board and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is amongst the few women to have ever served on these boards. She was brought up in a medical family as his mother was a surgical nurse while his father was a dentist from Texas. She attended Anderson High School and proceeded to the University of Texas. At the college level, she specialized in Biology and later applied for medical school in the same institution. Despite being on the waiting list, Jennifer Walden managed to graduate as the salutatorian of her class.

Jennifer Walden says that she could not find a man fit to be her husband. For this reason, she decided to go for Vitro fertilization and conceived twins. This made her return to Texas where she was helped by her mother to re-establish her career. She has authored many articles that have featured in many medical journals. Some of the companies that she consults with include Venus Concept, Ideal Implant, Sciton Inc. and the ThermiAesthetics.


Jennifer says that she has been inspired by her two children and she wants a better life for them. Several months ago, she featured on an article about labiaplasty by the daily mail.