How Patty Rocklage is a Successful Psychotherapist And Philanthropist

As a Psychotherapist in the greater Boston, MA area, Patty Rocklage has helped hundreds of people improve their lives and find ways to manage their personal issues. Her office is in Sudbury, Massachusetts and she specializes in helping individuals as well as couples and families who need help overcoming struggles in their lives and relationships. Patty Rocklage has been practicing for more than 20 years and was a student at the University of California from which she graduated in 1981.

Patty Rocklage is married to Scott Rocklage, Ph.D., who had earned his Ph.D. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1982. Patty and Scott had been approached in 2015 by one of the former heads of the department which he had graduated from. The university reached out to the couple in order to see their willingness to help out on a complete renovation of two science labs as well as the purchase of cutting-edge technological lab equipment. Patty and Scott were happy to help and their generous donation led to both labs being renovated and updated with the work completed in July 2016. The university held an event to commemorate the occasion and Patty and Scott were the honored guests. After being given a tour of the new labs, they were led to the lab vestibule where speeches were given by the current head of the department, Timothy Jamison, the former department head that had first approached them, Sylvia Ceyer, as well as the notable Professor Moungi Bawendi. After these speeches thanking Patty and Scott for their generosity and commitment to the important educational research done at the labs, a plaque was revealed which commemorates the couple and Patty of website.

In her personal life, Patty Rocklage has said that a great deal of her time has been recently taken up by completing renovating their home. Parts of the house were entirely stripped to the studs and redesigned into meeting Patty and Scott’s current and future needs. They also completely relandscaped the property and added a wrap around deck to the home. Patty agreed to have the project documented on a blog in order to show others the right way to go about a renovation and what Patty knows.