Tim Duncan’s Motivation Behind Talos Energy

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey was by far one of the most catastrophic hurricanes to ever have hit Texas. After two days of raining, it produced a remarkable amount of flooding and the streets of Houston were completely barricaded with water. The town lost all connections with electricity before a warning appeared that at least another 6 feet of flooding was still to come.

Tim Duncan gathered his family and together they trotted through the storm, in waist-high water, until being rescued by a FEMA rescue boat. It was at this time that Duncan swore to himself that he would no longer hold off on the merging of Stone Energy with his private company Talos Energy.

Talos Energy is an independent oil and electricity company that is operated by a team of high performing experts who obtain operated shelf and create ways to recover necessary resources. This team of men specialize in the exploration and production of deep-water assets and how we can benefit from them. They have created many different techniques to obtain success in several areas.

There are also different forms of Technologies that they use to acquire this goal. For more than a decade, the team has been able to attest to an adequate number of results. After finalizing the deal with Stone Energy in May, it was decided that Talos would now orchestrate Stones listings and that Duncan would also manage an oil company that has acquired $900 million in annual revenue.

Duncan is using this new company and the power of these experts to prevent future catastrophic flooding by drilling numerous Wells, not only in the US but around sections of Mexico, as well. The company is able to accumulate roughly 48 thousand barrels of water a day and Duncan plans to watch these numbers increase.